Realistic Sexual Graphics in Games

No no, clearly the best “reviews” of these games are to be found here:

:D I think you just made my day.

Now, where can I find copies of all these excellent games?

Oh my…

The title say it all.

Battle Raper

A beat’em up where you can beat women into submission so that they can be raped.

Realtime Molestation is a feature

Is it too late to add Japan to the axis of evil?

I like this user review:

Review by (zenon)

This is a very innovative game. The battles are a bit waek but the adult part is the best. Best of all you get to relook movies and pics and most importantly rescrew the girls after you’ve won. check it out!!

Online sex in games seems like begging for trouble, but the notion of two human “parents” trying to raise an AI child online could be interesting. I see it being a little like Gallapagos (if anyone remembers that relatively obscure EA game).


:shock: :shock: :shock:

“Rescrew” makes it sound like you’re replacing a lightbulb. Every time you think you’re cynical, jaded, and no longer capable of being surprised, something innocuous like this pops up.

If they’d really finished it…

Gallapagos was one of those games that I REALLY wish had been done right.