Reality 2.0 is Good

Its zany, its colorful, the puzzles allow me to use my knowledge of games to solve them, what more do you want from Sam and Max? Oh, and there was no driving mini-game. I mean, Sam and Max have to take down the internet, starting with rat loaded cannon.

Yeah, it’s alright.

The text adventure bit at the end was funny.

I was thinking about making a thread about this, do you think that Sam and Max is worth it to buy the season pak at this point? From reviews I’ve read the first 2 episodes were just ok, and things started to pick up with the third one. So far all reviews I’ve read about episode 4 are saying that it is really good. I did play the original Sam and Max, and enjoyed the humor in it, but my adventure puzzle skills aren’t that great.

Episode 4 is by far the best. Reality 2.0 is fun, but it suffers from the neighbourhood’s Tron remake being fairly superficial.

I would seriously recommend anyone interested just subscribe to GameTap. GameTap rocks - it’s very affordable ($10 a month) and they have just LOADS of great games on there.

And I surely wish they got their asses of the ground and made the service available in Europe, too.


What the hell, man? I was just getting used to Reality 1.0! Does this mean I have to use HTTPRequests to order a pizza now?

No, but you will need to drive a desota with a special paintjob to the internet hub of an off shore bank account to pay for it.

Yeah, Sam and Max is doing well. Whether its worth the $30 or $35 for the season is for you to decide. The first was sort of a let down, the second was a step up if you ask me. The third one was disappoint, but 4 and 5 are huge leaps forward.

Does Gametap work w/Nvidia on Vista yet?

I’m having no problems with Gametap/Nvidia/Vista - which is nice, considering all of the other problems I have with just about everything that comes into contact with Vista. It’s a shame, too…it’s really pretty slick. I should have waited to adopt, but I installed it at work and had no problems, so I figured (stupidly) that I would have the same experience at home. The only thing is, I don’t play a large number of games (0) at work.

I hear the upgrade doesn’t add much, and the security is pitiful. They can still hack your house with a baseball bat =/

I actually thought Episode 4 was the weakest as a game. It was, however, the funniest and best written. So you can’t lose.