Reality Shows: A Pitiful Confession

I watched the last 5 episodes of the original Survivor. That was enough. But then came the Apprentice! I was hooked! (Evidently some of you were too.)

What I liked about the Apprentice was that it’s about business. I couldn’t care less about Survivor or Fear Factor or people looking Pa Nub in all the wrong places. Are there any other shows you can recommend that focus on business rather than which babe some loser is gonna bag? The Restaurant, maybe? Well, gotta run, almost time for The Sopranos and Deadwood.

Not yet, obviously, as The Apprentice was the first of its kind. But you can bet that there will be more soon, now it’s been a big hit. Fox currently has one in development with Richard Branson.

“The Restaurant” is gearing up for a second season, and cable’s been running a first season marathon this weekend. It’s more of a documentary than a reality show, but it’s narrative structure is similar to reality shows (unsuprising, as its a Burnett vehicle). It’s worth a watch.

Who was running the marathon? I found the show funny and sad, worth watching just to see how terrible of management skills rocco had. It was a fun disaster to watch.


Bravo’s been doing a marathon. It was a pretty interesting show. Just watched the episode where one of the waiters gets a night off to do this big stand up gig. It didn’t go to well for him. Probably shouldn’t have opened with his “why terrorism is cool” material in NYC. Got booed off stage. That actually was funny.

The new season looks exciting too as they’re framing it as a power struggle between Rocco and his financial partner. If you ask me, if there was anything he needed help with it was managing the business, but it looks like he’s gonna fight it.

I didn’t watch the Apprentice, I think the Donald’s a doof. I catch survivor off and on. The current All-Stars run has been really pretty exciting. Average Joe was pretty compelling. I hate all these Extreme Make-over shows. Those just creep me out.

American Choppers is cool.

Good god. I remember that. I was utterly shocked the guy tried that. Is that what usually passes for comic routines?

I loved The Restaurant because I’m such a fan of food/food business, and until I started seeing it, really liked Rocco DiSpirito. During much of the show, I really started to hate Rocco and saw him making so many mistakes that even I could understand. I’m also really surprised that Rocco’s is in so much trouble, considering how successful his other restaurants are.

Much of the time, I wondered if it was scripted to screw up so badly just to create drama.

I wonder that about every reality TV show. I had never seen a single episode of The Apprentice until I watched the season finale. I admit that it was very interesting both in concept and execution. But after seeing the Omarosa chick and getting the backstory on her from someone who had been watching from the beginning, I can’t help but suspect that she’s either a plant or at the very least being influenced to behave in a way that creates drama.

So I can’t really believe that this is real. And if it’s not completely real, then it looses its whole POINT and it’s just a subpar fictional drama. Meh.

I have a feeling at least part of that was due to the fact that she had nothing to gain by being there. She wasn’t going to get the job, so why care?

That may be true, but in that case she’s acting in order to get the only things of value for her --notoriety and infamy. And it seems like it worked, since Trump hinted that she’s coming back for season two. The presence of the film crews and producers are causing her to act in a very unreal way. It’s kind of Schrodenger’s principle for television, no? :)

Well she can be pretty catty …

…doesn’t think outside the box much, though…

I don’t think Omarosa was a plant. I think she’s just batshit fucking insane.

It’d be one thing if she was just an evil fuckup on the show. But she’s been an evil fuckup after the show as well, and apparently she was an evil fuckup when she worked for the government (shuttled between four different jobs because no one could stand to work for her).

And let’s face it, she’s rendered herself unemployable after her 15 minutes are up, based on both her on and off screen behavior. Somehow don’t think even she is stupid enough to deliberately shoot herself in the foot that blatantly.

Despite my usual catagorization as a Republican shill, even though my wife and I were both under the mistaken impression that Omarosa had worked for the Bush administration, we both thought that the big O was freaking, useless, whiny, bitch. O: “People think I come from privledge because of my refined behavior, but really I come from the projects.” Oh really, because I could spot your overcompensating wannabe act from a mile away.

She’s thrown away any prospects of respectible employment to be the next Kato.

Then why why why would Kwame pick her for his team on the most important project of the season? That makes NO sense unless it’s rigged or he’s an idiot. And he doesn’t seem to be an idiot.

You think race may have played into it at all?

It seemed it that was touched on in an episode or two in the middle of the season that the two had a bond of sorts based on that.

Kwame has said in interviews that, given that Bill picked first, he would end up with Omarosa no matter what. He picked her second because he figured if he waited to pick her last she’d resent being “the last kid picked on the playground” and refuse to perform.

Of course as it turns out, she didn’t perform anyway, but I can see the logic behind picking her when he did. As lousy as Heidi and Nick are, neither one is likely to get all drama-queeny about being picked last, while I can totally see that as an Omarosa reaction.

He should have definitely kicked her to the curb or stuck her on some meaningless task from the moment she refused to discuss that telephone call at dinner, though.

I don’t remember. Didn’t they get to pick from ALL the people who had been fired previously? And if so, why was O picked at all?

I am better than all of you because I do not watch reality shows.

I’ll bet you play MMOGs. Or FPSes. Or something else equally lame.

No, it was just from the last six players that had been fired.