Really? A sequel to Independence Day?

Sounds like they have gotten Will Smith on board and they want to shoot the second and third movies back to back. Oh and in 3D (of course).

Well, whatever. My big concern is naming it. The short version. Will it be ID5 or ID42? What about ID6 if you go by the logic of ID4+2.

Or maybe they will make it some other holiday?

Independence Day 2: Bastille Day!

Twelve-year-old me would have been very excited about this.

I think at that point they should just call the movie Hit Dice.

If Brent Spiner’s in, I’m in.

Yeah, when I was 15 I would’ve been apoplectic with giddy anticipation. Now, not so much. I’m reminded that I’ve had 2012 at home from Netflix for two or three weeks and not been able to muster the care to watch it.

You have quite the treat in store for you. Watch it drunk.

Aw, dammit. For the last decade-and-a-half, ID4 stood out as the only summer megablockbuster that didn’t feel the need to churn out a sequel. I actually respected it for that. Oh well.

that ninetiestalgia is right on time, i see

What? No prequel?

That sounds like an excellent idea actually.

This time the aliens have anti-virus software! dum dum dum!

Independance Day is the only movie I’ve been to see that actually enraged me with its terribleness. As a cynical exercise in exploring the territory where people will continue to pay for rubbish, it has few equals.

I gots ta get me wonnadeez!

Instead of Independance Day they could simply have aliens attacking on different holidays for the sequels.

Memorial Day!
Veteran’s Day!
Labor Day!
Groundhog’s Day! (wait, that one is taken)

Independence Day 2: Independencer

Arbor Day!

Of course, we’re not the only nation to have an Independence Day. You could do, like, Cinco de Mayo, or maybe Syttende Mai (Norwegian Constitution Day).

I just want to see an updated film showing alien invasion force defeated with an iPhone.

Aw hell no.

I’m glad I’m not the only person that feels this way. I absolutely loathed ID4.

I happened to be spending a month in jail at the time Independence Day was released. I remember watching the advertisments for it on the television, thinking that as tedious as incarceration is, at least it was keeping me safe from having to see that piece of shit movie.

Fortunately this time around I’ll be better able to resist peer pressure and will not need to hide in a cell to avoid the inanity. Probably.