Really Big Sky

Hey y’all, here’s a nifty space shooter I wouldn’t have even known about myself if I hadn’t seen it on sale at Impulse. Really Big Sky is a twin stick shooter that apparently procedurally generates levels based on how one plays the game. I’ve put in maybe an hour to it, and while it’s a bit odd at first, it’s been growing on me.

Basically, at least with a keyboard and mouse, you not only shoot at anything that moves and then collect their “star pieces” for currency to use between matches (you even keep them when you’re killed, which is interesting, and you only get one life), but you also have a drill bit which you have to swing around to the front of the ship whenever you need to drill through a planet.

It’s fun now that I’m more used to the controls, and so far ever level I’ve played has been quite different, from the baddies to the bosses and so on. I’m liking it so far, and will likely review it soon for my little site, so I wanted to share it with y’all since I’m liking it. :)

I watched the trailer on the website you linked. This game looks really rad.

Initially I wanted to compare it to Geometry Wars 2, but quickly realized it’s quite a different game. Then I noticed it has a Pacifism mode, which appears to be a nod to GW2. So I guess they are pulling reference a bit. Not a bad thing in the least.

Anyway, I’d love to give this a shot if it ever somehow makes it to 360, so I can actually play it with twin sticks. After GW and GW2 I can’t imagine playing a game like this mouse + keyboard.

It has full 360 controller support built in, apparently.

Full Tutorial and Xbox 360 controller (or compatible) support

Oh, and what’s a Pacifism mode?

No shooting.

Oh, so you just dodge? Neat!

Not exactly… in GW2’s pacifism, the only way to kill anything is by hitting gate-type things that explode when you go through them. It’s also awesome - it’s worth buying a 360 for. And a TV, and a house to put them in. ;)