Really Cute Animals

What’s the cutest one that you can think of? I vote for this one:

What’s the cutest one that you can think of? I vote for this one:

Shit they’re reproducing already!

[color=darkblue][size=6]Ack! Derek Smartribbles![/size][/color]

[size=2](I would have posted this sooner but I had a hell of a time finding a Battlecruiser screen shot to use as a backdrop.)[/size]

Since they make up the 4 percent of the Internet that isn’t porn, I’ll assume you’re joking.

Nice photoshop, BTW. I’m making it my desktop wallpaper.

My eyes… aaaahhh!!! They’re being sucked out of my head!

Ack! I think I should start a petition to make sure these new animals are kept OUT of Animal Crossing 2. Unfortunately, rumor already has it that AC2’s subtitle is “The Trouble with Smartribbles”!

I’m resurrecting this old thread (which was clearly intended to be about cute animals and in no way created to poke fun at anyone) to spotlight the cutest animal in Indonesia, the Pygmy Possum.


The Pygmy Possum was recently discovered in the Foja Mountains of Indonesia, along with a species of giant rat, which is nowhere near as cute and therefore not pictured here.

That’s a ping-pong ball and a full-grown adult.

This is a baby.

Tiny sleepy squirrel plucked from the most excellent flickr community, Tiny Animals on Fingers:

Pretty cute, huh? It turns out Wikipedia is a great place to go for cute animal pictures.

More in reference to the original intent of the thread:

I’d say Natalie Portman is one of the cuter animals I’ve seen.

  • Alan

Great, now I have to get a chinchilla.

I found the first few posts in this thread utterly baffling.

Cow likes Netflix, I see.

I love hawks.

Raife, are you sure the rat they also discovered in Indonesia is not cuter?

Yes, I feel comfortable stating it as a fact which happens to be backed up by years of science.

It’s all part of the ancient lore as written in the eternal Book of Bloodshot Joe, praised be the Entity.