Really well done PS3 ad

The video quality and presentation of the first two options are fantastic. Full of hyperbole, but fun to watch nonetheless.

OH jesus christ you have got to be kidding me. I thought they only used 7 of the 8 cores on the “cell broad band! Chip”.

What’s up with the age verification?

Kids under 18 will have their heads explode if faced with such fascinating insight into the inner workings of the PS3.

Actually, I think it’s because they show the M rated Insomniac game.

I guess they dont think you can Handle this shit if you are under 18!

1 PPE plus 7 active SPEs = 8 cores.

Fully functional Cell chips have 9 active cores.

A normal computer can only handle a single task at a time

Sony is so full of crap it’s unbelievable.

With a PS3 your penis will be fifty times the length and girth of a normal gamer’s penis. With that kind of size you’ll not only be able to get hot chicks, but use it to launch yourself over obstacles instead of walking. In this day and age, who wants to walk?

They’re pretty well done - except for the dogfighting/shoot’em’up in the first (is that Warhawk?) which is pretty underwhelming after all that talk about individual raindrops and whatnot. The second is better.

Who cares if they exagerate? It’s advertising and it’s clearly aimed at console gamers who allready own or at least consideredd a PS2 at one point answering the question ‘why should I pay $500 for at PS3?’

I thought it was crap but really most computers are still single processor which can technically do only one thing at a single point in time.

very well done site is all i can say. the games? the promises the ps3 power? i can wait for the real games to show me

Jazar: hyperthreading? dual core?

Ah that’s why I said most and sony said normal computers. Those you listed aren’t the norm… yet.

Yeah. Hyperthreading a single core is totally something that hasn’t been around for years, and multi-threading is all about using new-fangled space-age 1970s-era technology. It’s the wave of the future.

It’s like one of those commercials claiming a product is fantastic because it’s made out of plastic, except they call it “NASA certified space-age polyurethane” or some such.

Well, plastic is pretty darn fantastic

Sony is so much better at advertising than anyone else on the market. They sell the sexiness and power of the PS3. Basically, they could be selling sports cars. Compare this to the abstract 360 ads that only a da da art lover will appreciate.

That said, Sony eats babies.

Neither game looks particularly standout, visually. But we’ve known that for a while. It’s not going to change spectacularly. The best game I’ve seen so far is probably DMC4 but that’s no surprise. DMC1 was one of the best looking games on the PS2.

Okay, I’d buy it if they release “snowflake and rain generator”.

Even ignoring things like multicore, hyperthreading, DMA, and GPUs, this really isn’t something to brag about. I’m sure Sony’d rather have a single chip that was 7 times faster than one of their cores. Chips are moving to more cores because it is getting harder to increase processor speed. Parallel programming is hard.

Like the PS2 advertising. The alien girl in particular confused me.