Realm vs realm in Guild Wars 2 and Dark Age of Camelot

Why have modern MMOs nerfed stealth to oblivion? It used to be so much fun, the cat and mouse game. It could easily be balanced by designing hunter type classes that can track stealthers (see SB/EQ2).

I rolled my bonedancer purely as an FU to stealth gankers. I loved trolling them by wandering through the gates solo. They caught on after a while when other BDs started hitting max level, though, and would either double-team me or ignore me. Bleh.

See extra credits episode “counter play” or “world of roguecraft” on youtube to understand.

WoW is such a terrible example of how to do PvP right.

After watching counter play it’s quite clear how world of roguecraft points out a few of, but not all, the flaws in blizzards pvp set up. It’s also kind of why trying to RvR without Purge, a skill that a player can use to remove crowd control effects, was like being free RPs.