Realms Beyond: Ashes of the Fallen (Kickstarter) D&D 3.5E Turn-Based RPG


Wow, I just barely made it in, nice!


I was hip enough to find this yesterday and get a super-earlybird slot.


Wow, looks like a dream come true. Ill back this for sure.


26 minute gameplay (so far, contigous gameplay of what looks like a level 7 party that was ambushed by a random encounter).

For a super, super early alpha with place holder UI, this looks very good.

In fact, I hope they keep that spell selection interface, I like it, and I love the icons.


Supposedly this will get released with a modding kit. Hopefully you can do non-fantasy d20 projects too. (Though I can’t commit to any work right now.)


Just saw this on RPG Watch. Make of it what you will.


I can’t see that link as I am not logged in at RPG Watch. What does it say?

Edit: you mean the speculation about Wizards shutting it down? won’t be a problem as long as they follow the OGL. It’s not the first d20 OGL game.



Well that is suboptimal.


Yeeeah. Certainly don’t want to support that kinda thing.


Odd. I go to RPGWatch almost every day and I missed this article. I can’t even find it now - did they take the entire thing down? Or am I just blind?


It’s apparently a forum post, not an article.


this does not appear to have bled into the KS comments section.


People should know that YakAttack is SilverCoin from the RPGWatch who is attacking this project since they announced their Kickstarter at the Gamescom (game convention in Germany). He once worked on this game but has been kicked out of the project a while ago. He is running this very own smear campaign.

This is the official Twitter account of that company run by the guy, YakAttack/SilverCoin mentioned above. Does that look like a “nazi” company to you?



Seeing @Feng’s reply below there is some doubt as to if you are this “Copper Coin” so you likely don’t have any more information on this than what you already shared, I am guessing.


Oooo, I can’t wait to see where this thread goes.


I think it’s kind of over. It’s certainly killed any interest I had in the game.


Not at all, the kickstarter still has 20 days to go. If the lead dev is a nazi, I will withdraw my pledge.

I didn’t see anything objectionable at the RPGcodex link. Were his posts deleted or something?


He used exact the same phrase as Silver (now Copper) Coin on rpgwatch when posting this.
I am not a developer but watching the whole drama that originally started at rpgwatch some weeks ago. At the watch, the mentioned developer once wrote (in the thread that has been wiped because of Silver Coin’s fabricated screenshots) that Silver Coin worked for them.

By the way, all the related threads have been immediately removed by the administrator because Silver Coin already violated the rules before.
Silver Coin attacked this project (and other members) frequently there until the point where he asked to be renamed. His motivation is clear and by spreading his false claims, you will damage a good project and all creative people behind it (you can see them on their Kickstarter page).


Because somebody linked a mostly confusing insinuation that one developer posted ‘ultra nationalistic’ crap?

I was going to withhold my judgement until we got a bit more info, but I don’t know if I can pass up a good lynching either so let me grab my pitchfork.

I am sure if the developers are actually Nazi’s that will come out shortly, in the meantime it’s crazy fun when one of our own gets dragged into things.

Well damn, now I need two pitchforks?! But I only have time to sharpen one set of tines!