Realms of Arkania: Blade of Destiny returns with modern 3d remake

Thanks Karnisov! I didn’t know about that I always enjoyed the Arkania series! This looks worth getting, though ill probably play after shadowrun at the end of the month :)

I bought the third game in the series from GOG because I always thought the battle system looked neat when I saw pictures of it in the old PC gaming magazines. When the remake comes out, someone please tell us if we should play it instead at this point.

going by the video they did preserve the isometric combat system, which is a big plus in my book.

I hope this turns out to be good.

The big question is whether my characters will die of the common cold, if I forget to buy them winter boots.

Or malaria, because fuck you.

I’m slightly cautious with this one as all the signs are there (unproven dev, weird development time, suddenly pushed back release date, etc.)

But I preordered anyway because I love the old games so much and they seem to leave everything intact with this new version.

I’m even playing the real Pen&Paper version of “Das Schwarze Auge” with a few buddies for a few months now, it’s fun.

This is the new Homepage.

As a fan of TB i never liked DSA combat in games.Mostly because the lack of tactical elements like zone of control.
Combat always seemed more of an dicing orgy.

Still hope it does well.

Interesting. I have kinda fond memories of playing Star Trail + one other. Kinda fond because I’m pretty sure in both games I just got stuck somewhere, not knowing how to advance the main story-line. In fact what do I remember about it?

A big group of player characters, 8?
Grid-based tactical combat. Dying a lot.
Needing to dress warm and buy sleeping blankets early on
Attempting to amuse bar-patrons with musical skills
Going underground to get somewhere, but getting killed
Honestly not much more

I remember being taken by the screenshots and art, but utterly befuddled by the UI. They say its a “one-for-one” remake, but I hope the UI is not one of the ones.

I just watched the first trailer, very happy to see a party of 6 and turn-based combat played out on a grid. There appeared to be some similarities to the original UI in the form of a panel of buttons on the right hand side. Apparently this available to pre-order game is already in top-10 best selling games in Germany :-)

I remember the first time a friend played the first RoA, he sold off all his characters’ clothes to buy weapons etc.; we were both very surprised when they all died of exposure & disease a short while later… :)

Not to mention that people in towns WILL recognize you aren’t wearing any clothes and reacting to it…

The detail in these games was amazing, but also cruel at times.

Even if you had boots, you could catch a cold because the boots got worn through after a while…

They were closer to the real P&P than any other games out there in my opinion.

Yeah, I got the old ones from GOG, and they are still pretty fun. Its also as far as I remember a rather huge world so I’m very interested in this!

One of my favourite crpg series, it had so many things too it that i really enjoyed, and i nearly finished the first in the series and have always wanted to go back and finish it and the sequels, just ran out of that kind of free time to do so. If this ever comes to GoG i will probably get it, although i’m not a fan of ‘3D remakes’ in general.

The only problem with these HD remakes is that HD graphic looks worse than the old version.

I*m guessing you haven’t looked at a single screenshot for this game, but is just making a generic remark.

I played trough all 3 games of the series a couple of years ago. The cool thing is that you can play through the whole series with the same party (import feature). I recently had the urge to play them again but now I will cautiously wait for this remake.

The (CD) music of the games is also excellent and help create their great atmosphere.

Evidently some early copies made it out last week in Europe, and the feedback is…well…

  • no intro
  • no battle sounds
  • all weapon models looks like crossbows
  • most NPCs look like skeletons
  • trying to cast a spell gives the message “spell not implemented”
  • snow textures are broken
  • walking sounds are placeholders/unbearable to listen to

The release day patch was pushed out early on Saturday at 10 p.m. local time (at least they’re dedicated!), but it doesn’t fix most of these issues - only weapon models and walking sounds have been completely fixed. The game is still unplayable and crashes frequently with messages like this:

Failed executing javascript(Syntax Error: Mismatched closing token in expression):
function hasresponse(which){return(which==1)||getQuestState("schick_call’)==2;) of Magistrat Thorwal[2]
Further current issues:

–button hotspots aren’t centered on the actual buttons

  • map turns black indoors, stays black when going outdoors (workaround available)
  • Many NPCs have holes in their heads
  • only one save game slot with fixed name
  • save game (singular) randomly deletes itself
  • heroes in-game don’t look like they do in the editor
  • you start with infinite money, which randomly resets to normal during gameplay
  • random events and random battle on the overland map don’t seem to work
  • hard crash trying to enter Daspota