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Please excuse the dumbly-neutered GTA image. Or don’t. I recommend the “10 hilarious anti-game quotes.”

Interesting and nostalgic:

If Reason supports video games, it means the video games can serve a propaganda purpose.

I’ve always assumed that the title of Reason magazine was meant to be ironic or an insider joke.

Of course they can Vet. Just like billboards, music, plays, etc.
Games are really nothing special.

You noticed the whining about government incentives for games companies, the whining that Kickstarter can’t actually sell equity and other ideological messages in there, right? Reason does nothing which isn’t about the ideology.

triggercut - reason isn’t logic :P

looks at the reason article list

“A Modest Proposal to Ban Volunteering”

I rest my case.

I would have thought that the words “Modest Proposal” would have tipped you off that said article is satire. I guess not.

I don’t think the folks understand that “A Modest Proposal” is satire. I’m pretty sure they take it at face value.

Right :)

Sorry Malathor, when people are THAT dedicated to Vulgar Libertarianism…

Vulgar Leftists, forever conjuring Libertarian strawmen. So sorry that actual Libertartians don’t actually think the thoughts you would have us think.

LMAO, you have no idea where the term comes from or why is so aptly refers to your views, do you?

Those are not straw people you’re trying to burn.

Doubling down on the straw man. Intriguing tactic.

Yes, you always need new fuel for the furnaces, I’m sure. Still not straw. Shovel, shovel.