Reasons for long-term negativity on Europe #1259

PARIS, May 15 — The Dutch government on Monday abruptly threatened to revoke the citizenship of one of the country’s most prominent members of Parliament, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, a Somali-born woman who arrived as a refugee 14 years ago.

The minister of immigration, Rita Verdonk, said Ms. Hirsi Ali had provided inaccurate information when applying for political asylum in 1992 and seeking Dutch citizenship in 1997. As a result, the minister said, both applications were invalid. Ms. Hirsi Ali has been given six weeks to respond.

The move is likely to provoke a widespread reaction because Ms. Hirsi Ali, 36, has faced repeated death threats since 2002, when she became well known because of her outspoken criticism of conservative Islam and of the mistreatment of Muslim women, even in The Netherlands.

While I’m a long way from the overdramatic xenophobia that is frequently the rage, my long term prognosis for Europe is right up there with PC gaming. And yes Partlett, we’re going to disagree.

I am amused by the idea of the Netherlands deporting one of their most famous politicians to Somalia to be executed.

I am amused by the idea of suing someone for “living while threatened” and winning.

The minister never threatened to revoke anything. They found out she lied on her application and gave her six weeks to respond to the allegations. Should they just ignore it? BTW the party she’s representing in parliament is pretty harsh on immigration, so it’s not like they’s ignore it if it wasn’t one of theirs.
A political opponent said that her citizenship should be revoked - political opponents say all sort of funny stuff about things they are powerless to make happen.
She admitted to lying and that she didn’t in fact flee Somalia but instead she travelled from Kenya to Holland, when she got her citizenship - her name is also fake. Now she’s leaving Holland to go live in Washington DC where she’ll be working as an advisor to one of the conservative think tanks - so rest easy, the Republicans saved her from the mean Europeans.

And feel free to hate the dutch, but don’t call them easy on moslems - they’re the country that forces all immigrants and asylum seekers to sit through a little infomercial about their new country complete with topless girls and bits about the Red Light District ;)

That is milk-shooting-out-both-nostrils funny. “Welcome to Holland - NO FUCKING PRUDES ALLOWED.”

This is currently a hot topic of debate around here, and there’s a bit more context to it than what’s in the New York Times article.

Verdonk, the immigration minister, is a member of the conservative party VVD, which is fairly right-wing for Dutch standards. She is currently campaigning for the party leadership position, and her main (and ostensibly only) tactic has been demonstrating a hard-line stance on immigration – something that has made her pretty popular among the party’s base. Case in point is the legal battle between her and Ivory Coast-born soccer player Kalou, which pretty much sent the message that everyone, regardless of who they are and what they do, is subject to the immigration laws.

Verdonk’s move on Hirschi Ali seems to have been primarily politically motivated, probably as a publicity stunt, and has caused a row both in the government as well as in the party internally (the VVD being, incidentally, the same party that Hirschi Ali belonged to). There has been a storm of public criticism on Verdonk’s other hard-line actions as well, recent examples including the Taida Pasic case and her plans to send Gay and Christian Iranian refugees back to Iran. The actions of this particular minister certainly don’t reflect the attitude of the population as a whole.

See, even in this thread, there’s a reason to be positive about Europe.

Sure, it’s easy to make too much of this, but when a famous black atheist leaves your country because they’ll get more respect in America, it should make you wonder.

Yes, Verdonk certainly is moving to strip her citizenship. AHA has been told that she obtained her Dutch citizenship under a false name, that said citizenship has been granted to someone who doesn’t exist. As AHA has been totally open about fudging the facts to get status in Holland for at least four years now, she really has no defense here. Unless Verdonk backs off, her citizenship is as good as gone. Only one problem with this – AHA has been open about the deceptions since 2002, when she hooked up with the VVD. This stuff isn’t a surprise to anybody. AHA is being made a scapegoat, pure and simple, by cowards and appeasing idiots who think that as soon as she goes away, so will the Dutch problem with Islam. Hint: It won’t.

And the name thing is bullshit. Her full Somali name is Ayaan Hirsi Magan Isse Guleid Ali Wai’ays Muhammad Ali Umar Osman Mahamud. It’s not like she decided to call herself Jane Smith or something.

There is no guarantee that AHA will even get into the US now. Losing her Dutch citizenship causes some potentially serious issues in this regard.

The Dutch should be building statues in Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s honor, not booting her out of the country. What a disgrace.

Man I hate the dutch. For completely different reasons though. [pride]Because…because they exist!!![/pride]

Funny thing then that it’s the multiculturalist dhimmi appeasing idiots that are actually trying to let AHA keep her citizenship, and it’s a conservative politician that is trying to boot her out of the country.

Ayaan Hirsi Magan Isse Guleid Ali Wai’ays Muhammad Ali Umar Osman Mahamud.

What the hell was wrong with her parents?

“I know how to spell banana, but I don’t know when to stop.”

Dubya is a conservative, too, and his policy regarding Islam is pretty wonky as well. You don’t have to be a leftist to be clueless.

There’s no point explaining such things to people who already believe that Europe is falling to the Islamist threat. They already Believe. All facts from then on must fit the Truth.