Reasons not to space out


You’re staring at an article while fighting off a case of writer’s block, when you notice something blurry in your line of sight. Damn glasses must be dirty again. But wait, it’s moving. You focus. It’s a f*cking spider walking on a line between the monitor and your face, getting closer with every passing second.


That’s only one reason. This thread does not deliver… :cry:


Where’s the clock?

That’s not a spider.

THAT’S a spider!

Could you post that last pic with Crocodile Dundee photoshopped in there somewhere? kthx

Found one of these in my bedroom yesterday. My useless cats just ignored it.

[size=2]Edit: Removed picture of big nasty looking spider because I think we killed their server. [/size]

Well, add your own reasons dammit.


Spiders and other “good bugs” get a special dispensation at my house. I will courteously remove them out of doors so that they may continue to thrive and eat “bad bugs”. Skeeters, however, need to watch the fuck out for a Dr. Demento style boot to the head.

“Boot to the Head” is a Royal Canadian Air Farce sketch actually.

No, it’s The Frantics.

Yeah my spiders, which are few, only get the boot if they are on the TV or a monitor. Or a phone or something I’m picking up, of course.

A friend of mine just recovered from a two-week stay in the hospital, after being bitten by a redback. He was in Australia, however I heard redbacks have now started showing up in California. So I’m operating a “squish first ask questions later” policy when it comes to spiders.


“Steve, send the phone spiders!”

Samurai: :shock: That is the stuff of my nightmares!

There it is! Hooray Clock!

Yeah, the two follow-up pics are truly charming, too. Here and here, in case you forgot.

I probably would have took the time to get a cam and take these photos. Instantly getting a flamethrower or mini-nuke would have seemd like a much more appealing idea.


Points for ATHF reference.