Rebel Galaxy Outlaw

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FAQs and Tips

  • Land all the time. Especially in the early game.
  • Practice flying with inertial dampeners on a LOT. Knowing how to drift will save your life.
  • Always use the tac map to know when to run away.
  • Missiles can be shot down, do so often.
  • Money is made mostly through side missions.
  • Solid upgrades are afterburner, tractor beam, generator.
  • The tac map will also show you who is attacking whom, use this often especially during escort missions.
  • Avoid source missions in the early game, they’re a pain in the ass.
  • Don’t be in a rush to get out of the Platypus. You’ll be better off fully upgrading her before getting a new ship rather than switching to a new ship with sub-optimal equipment.
  • Snipe mines from a distance if you can.
  • If under heavy fire, burn and rotate to show different shields to different enemies.
  • Holding “B” cuts the engine but not forward velocity. Good for “strafing”.
  • Talk to your powerful enemies to surrender or ask for a cease fire.
  • Saves happen at every dock and undock (or Caballeros stop), right before every jump, and wherever you are when you exit to title.
    It will say ‘game saved’ in the top right.
  • Mock and flip off enemy to make them target you (taunt), to leave a lesser friendly alone.
  • To change radio station you must be in context wheel (stations shown at top of screen).
  • When helping or hurting police, the stars in the upper left show your status with them. Use blue stars to skip contraband cargo checks.
  • Autofollow is working when there are two brackets around an enemy or friendly. You can also initiate it in the tactical screen.
  • Spoiler for very early on at the first base: Play pool at the first base, Nachodoches. You get a great weapon much cheaper than its list price.

Launching August 13th on the Epic Games store first and then PS4 and Switch for thirty bucks.

It’s like Wing Commander Privateer, with a bit more flair. And cussing.

Supports mouse+keyboard but @tbaldree recommends a gamepad so that’s what you should do.

Please direct all conversations about the Epic store to the dedicated Epic store thread so it doesn’t clutter up this one.


Just posted on Twitter by @tbaldree .

EDIT: link removed because it seems to have been deleted/modified. The game is out, so go play it! ;)

oh man, that’s just so right :D

So is this a real game? Or an April Fools dagger to Brian Rubin’s heart?

Well, we know that Travis and Double Damage are working on a Privateer type game (still TBA at some point). I think Travis just saw a perfect April Fool’s Day trolling chance and took it.

It’s clear based on the graphics and characters in the video (particularly the bartender at 1:04) that this is actual footage of Travis’ new game. Which is really exciting. I think the “Wing Commander Privateer”, “April 2017” and “Gemini Systems” are the trolling parts. That is unless Travis suddenly decided to leave Double Damage to start yet another company and roll out a new, completely unannounced and unmarketed game in less than a month. All of which I sincerely doubt.

I think the cool part here is that Travis is giving us a pretty good look at his new game, so I expect Brian will be excited by this. I know I am. It looks like fun.

EDIT: (Below is Travis’ portrait on his twitter site. It’s the same guy in the vid at 1:04)
EDIT2: And yeah, the fine print on the screen at 1:17, lol.

I’m not saying a thing.

No need Brian. @tbaldree we are on to you, you sneaky sneaky man. And if you want to prove our speculation wrong, well, you do have 30 days in April to do so ;)

I particularly like the thin, letterbox viewscreen in your ship. The only way of retaining that sweet 12 fps gameplay in the original. :)

Awesome! I loved Privateer, and I’m thrilled to see it updated! I was also glad to read it’s not a hardcore cockpit-sim, as my enthusiasm for these games far outstrips my skill.

If this is an April Fool’s joke, I will never forgive you. Seriously.

Would you forgive me if I told you we were going to try to supplant it completely instead, and literally rebuilt a large portion of Privateer as research? The footage here is hopefully a testament to a) how much love we have for the original and b) the lengths to which we will go to try to make something special.

Forgive you? Man if you were here I would hug you.

Don’t even ask what @BrianRubin would do…

Though given his cryptic reply I suspect you may already know :P

Tee hee.

You gave us Rebel Galaxy. You have my utmost trust. I’m sure others would agree.

Well, we’ll certainly forgive you if you let us help beta test it for you (hint, hint). Just kidding… I think…

I wanted more rebel galaxy …whine

It’s a well known fact that QT3 forum go-ers make incredible beta testers. The wealth of industry, QA, and general game knowledge that exists is too great a resource to pass up! I’m also pretty sure it has something to do with freedom, eagles, and apple pie.

Maybe not so much Eagles.

Create giant, stinking food dump in town -> wildlife moves in en masse to exploit it -> people complain and blame wildlife for their woes. Where’s a massive :eyeroll: gif when you need one?

Woah, woah. Easy dude. I love all birds. I didn’t write it, I just happened to post it. Peace?

When I saw this video, I was certain it was an April Fool’s joke. Guess I’m not the only one, since the Wikipedia page for Privateer hasn’t been updated.

While I played other Wing Commander games, as well as Freelancer, I never played Privateer.

Biggest question I have: is there mining?