Rebel Galaxy Outlaw


Hah, yes, while I hope not to find much more in the way of bugs, I’ll give Travis ALL THE EMAILS if I do. ;)


Shameless plug for my guide:


Friends, this is was brought up earlier, I decided to try it. Today, rather than shooting down an ejected pilot, I ran into them.

Yes, I was treated to the same wonderful scream, but to add icing to the cake, I also got a lovely red mist right in front of the windshield.

Glorious. Just. Glorious.


Heh, you linked it upthread, and it’s the first thing I checked. I’ll have to check again to see what the money making tips are.


Passed 30 hours today y’all. Switched to a Coyote fighter, which is a killing machine. Still not bored, like, at all. I mean, I played for maybe 3-4 hours straight today. First, these days I barely stick with most games longer than 5-10 hours. Second, I can usually only do 1-2 hours in a session before I need a break.

This is something special y’all.


Geez, rub it in, why don’tcha? ;-)


Rebel Galaxy Priapism?


So you guys. You guys. In the last several hours of play, this game just ramped up quite a bit because you can HAVE YOUR OWN BASE. Seriously. It’s one system off from your starting system, and for some reason I’d not visited it until recently, but once you do, you’re asked if you’d like to buy it. It’s expensive (50k-250k), but it’s so neat because once you buy it, you get missions to expand it.

This includes:

  • A bar, which gives you passive income and can have games added to it like dice poker.
  • An equipment bay with, so far, missile launchers you can only get here.
  • A shipyard with a few new variants you can only get here. For example, the Coyote is the big fighter, with six guns and two missile launchers, but low cargo space. The Dingo is a variant that has four guns, four missile launchers, and about double the cargo space.

It’s SO NEAT to be able to have a place you can call home in this game. Hopefully you’ll be able to add a commodities center as well so I can trade the loot I find, but I’ve not yet seen that.

50 hours in, having such a wonderful time.


Hnnnng all I want is to get my mitts on it!


I know, but there’s still stuff to be added. Not sure how much stuff, but they’re still adding stuff as of yesterday, so there’s undoubtedly more stuff to come.


Wow, the game is much more ambitious than I had anticipated. House of the Dying Sun was such a disappointment with its limited scope (and change from its original awesome name).


I still weep for what that game became.


Fuck yooouuu @BrianRubin !

I mean that in the most loving way.




Nah, I checked and made sure it was cool before saying anything.


Well I think they made the choice to focus on getting the combat right and forgot about the rest of the game, giving it a structure, a story, a reason to play beyond shooting stuff. Some people might find that sufficient to get them to play, but I don’t.

Anyway, RG:Outlaw does not seem to have made the same compromise.


Yeah, combat in HotDS felt wonderful…shame about the actual…game…


Didn’t they intend some sort of roguelike mechanics for it?


Yes, it was an open game called Enemy Starfighter for a long time.


Home bases? And they are still adding the stuff? Oh, wow! That’s amazing!

From the streams I’ve seen, the game looked so good and polished that it could basically come out tomorrow. Did I miss where they mentioned the date when the game will be released?