Rebel Galaxy Outlaw

Bill Harris had some thoughts on it -

Very cool. Thanks for sharing those. I stopped reading Bill Harris about 10 years ago. I used to read his blog every day, along with a dozen others back in those days, but as the interesting gaming blogs all stopped posting, and Bill seemed to be talking less and less about games, I eventually stopped.

Damn, I wish I could get it as part of this weeks sale!

Sale is like 4 weeks long, so @tbaldree has time to put the game up for pre-order. ;)

What sale are you guys talking about?

The Epic game store has a sale going on.

Great articles, thanks for sharing!

  • tumbleweed blows by.

I am starting to wonder if it will be a 2019 release. :P

Wish I had an answer for you, guys.

Travis is gonna start selling spaceship jpgs

Thats where the real money is at. ;)

In a shock move, Travis will reveal during E3 that it was all a publicity stunt funded by Epic Games, and his intention all along was to produce the game solely for Brian Rubin as a commentary on the anticipation that can be built up when someone else has a game you can’t have yet. Travis has now erased all copies of the source code in the next stage of this social experiment.

In related news, he’s also working on a spaceship painting simulator, an early alpha of which will be shown off during the PC Gaming Show.

You’re killin me Smalls.

Oof. Right in the feels.

For some reason this seemed wildly apropriate :D

I’m actually ok with that. I want Brian to enjoy his game.

So is @tbaldree the Bob Ross of space games now?

@tbaldree are you showing the game at E3 next week?

I assume at a minimum they’re waiting out the Epic sale.