Rebel Galaxy Outlaw

I was worried there would be fresh delays caused by adding American Sign Language.

Sounds like you’re almost ready to give us a vague idea of when it might be finished. ;)

Depends on how quickly they can find a Klingon translator.


They now have a discord server:

Nice find, joined.

So I’ve now been able to test RGO with a full HOTAS as well as two types of mouse control (virtual stick and relative) and the gamepad is still the best way to play. I mean it makes sense, since it was primarily designed for the gamepad, but it’s really night and day.

I mean those will be great options for those who want them, but a gamepad is ultimately the bees knees.

Still jealous, but good to hear :)

D’aww I wouldn’t have minded at all to conduct an intricate symphony of destruction, a bullet ballet, a missile mazurka and a weaponized waltz with my HOTAS in this game, but it’s allright, there are plenty ways to get that kick.

Gamepads rock \m/

are we there yet? are we there yet? are we?

Each time I click into this thread when it’s updated, I hope for a release date. Or a pizza party with @tbaldree

You…still can. Is this thing on? taptap I specifically said it works with HOTAS setups.

That sounds a little odd, as a joystick can be much more precise. Does the game use aim assist or auto-aim?

I know , but like you said, gamepad is the better option, giving the best feeling of control, yeah?

I agree! No I agree!

Why is it odd? Game was designed primarily for the gamepad, so it makes sense it’s flight modeling would work best with it.

It’s like Freespace 2 was clearly designed for a joystick. I’ve tried it with a gamepad and with the mouse and it is WEIRD.

And with that I went from day 1 purchase to at a minimum of wait to hear how mouse/kb work with it and even leaning now towards not interested because I do not play games with a gamepad and have no interest in playing anything designed specifically for one.

My impression from reading @tbaldree’s comments is that it works just fine with kb/mouse, and with HOTAS, but the controller provides the best overall feel / experience and so that’s what’s recommended.

I anticipated this reaction, haha.

I mean, you do you, and to each their own - but BOY have you missed out on an unbelievable number of amazing games!