Rebel Galaxy Outlaw

I’d read it was down to the dev / publisher. The only EGS thing I have is Phoenix Point’s beta, and that runs by itself with a command line.

RGO will be DRM-Free on the Epic store. Just the raw game.

Well, that’s good to hear. Let’s hope that if the EGS goes the way of all flesh, customers have some recourse.

I mean once it’s out there as a raw binary, cat’s out of the bag, right?
You wouldn’t even have to find a cracked copy if for some reason you deleted it and needed to re-download. And you bought it. So.

True, but without a downloadable installer, how the heck does the layman know where to put everything? Gone are the days when “installing software” meant copying a file from a floppy/CD to an HDD (in the late 1980s/early 1990s on the Mac, that’s often all that it entailed).

When it gets installed, it literally just throws all the files in the folder. It’s not sprinkled all over the hard drive. It’s pretty darn close to old school in that regard anyway.
I.E. you could copy the folder, paste it on another machine, and it would run. I’m sure there’s some dependencies that you might potentially have to install in weird circumstances or at some future date (somehow you’re missing some of DX11?) but…

If I play through 100% completion of Rebel Galaxy, will I burn myself out for the release of RGO? I have no idea how closely related the 2 games are, and I’ve had Rebel Galaxy on PS4 for a very long time.

They’re completely different types of game.

As Stusser says, very different.

Rebel Galaxy is larger ships with broadsides on basically a 2D plane (a little wiggle room to avoid collisions). Rebel Galaxy: Outlaw is a fighter/dogfight style space game. They’re both in space, you get missions and you blow stuff up, so in that respect you have some similarities but I doubt one would burn you out on the other.

Awesome - thanks!

August 13th.






Perfect month for it!

Yay! A release date!
Too bad i can only play after my holiday. My wife and family won’t appriciate this when i just stay in hotel room to play a game…

Ohshitohshitohshitohshit. To the CashCave!

Nice , less than a month away.

I don’t think I can finish Dark Souls 3 by then, but that’s not going to stop me.

I hope it’s a huge success.