Rebel Galaxy Outlaw

RPS is on it:

There was a thread at Era as well I saw, had a lot of activity going, which I took as a good sign.

Let’s have a @tomchick -splaining sneak-peak stream w/ @tbaldree as guest commentator!


Cool, will check it out next year!

If @BrianRubin is anything to gauge by, it will be worth the wait.

All hail Travis and the Sensible Price Overlords. I had to refresh the EGS page to make sure that wasn’t an error because for some reason I was expecting it to be a lot more. No idea why really, but yay!

One question though, if I pre-order it do you get the cash immediately @tbaldree or is there some kind of waiting period during which Epic rolls around in it for a while?

My first Epic store purchase. I’ll be on vacation in Ireland when this comes out. I guess friends, pubs and walks in the countryside will have to do for entertainment.

Sounds dreadful.

We’ll be in front of our screens.

I’ll be just back from my nephew’s Bar-Mitzvah over the previous weekend (not a traditional one-- my brother is an atheist so…).

I still remember people saying the exact same things about Steam when it started. ‘Shame it’s on Steam, I’ll never get to play it since I won’t buy from there’ Now people say if it isn’t on Steam they won’t buy it. Amazing how things change the same.

I’d be all over this if my system wasn’t trash.

Lots of tuneable settings… what’s your GPU?

R9 380 on a FX-8150. Runs super hot and often shuts down if it gets stressed. Also I stream and even if I could play it, I can’t play it and stream with my rig, which is another reason I tend to play console and use the PC to stream while I’m on console via capture device.

Hey y’all, I shared a bunch of screenshots I took with photo mode on the game’s discord if you’d like to take a gander.

Those look awesome, Brian. Were those just taken with an instant screenshot key or via an in-game photo mode?

EDIT: n/m I got the answer in the Discord thread. It’s got a proper photo mode. Amazing.

Just pre-ordered (which I very seldom do, mind).


Well, the 30 dollar price point certainly helped. ;)

I’d rather torrent this and then PayPal the cash directly to Double Damage. I really, really don’t trust Epic and its Sino overlords

Do you trust Double Damage to make what they feel is the best decision for the health and success of their company?

I think Travis & Co. Will do what they need to do to keep their company afloat and put a little more cheddar in their bank account.

And I am deeply uncomfortable keeping what amounts to a Chinese data mining app on my PC.