Rebel Galaxy Outlaw

No free camera in combat - just photo mode- It’s locked tight so that aiming isn’t basically impossible. You do have a wider and more open view than first person, especially if you’re in a brick like the Platypus, but I think there’s a tradeoff in awareness vs forward facing reticles.

I think the game looks lovely in third person, I love the processing effects/depth of field going on there, but I’m going for the cockpit view because I prefer the forward facing reticles, for sure. Also the feeling of being in a fighter ship in space would feel … lost, in third person view. I’ll take plenty of screenshots from that view though.

And sometimes you just want to look at your ship, amirite?

I am so adding songs from Clutch’s 1995 self-titled album when I get this game. It came on via shuffling my playlist and has reeeeally got me in the mood.

Dodge Swinger 1973, Galaxy five-oh-oh,
All the way stars’ green, gotta go.
Dodge Swinger 1973, top down, chassis low,
Panel dim, light drive, Jesus on the dashboard.

I wanna go shoot up some space trash!

Not when it’s the Platypus but I’m only $2,000 shy of the $100K needed for the next ship which is very sleek looking! Then I’ll take some space-selfies.

Also, potentially spoilery questions for @tbaldree, if you will:

1. What do I do with Black boxes? Can’t seem to open them and scanning does nothing…
2. I’ve saved up $118K and want to buy the next ship Sonora(?) but I’m wondering what kind of equipment it comes with. I’ve spent quite a bit on my potato and would hate to lose all that investment and I don’t have enough cash to re-buy all of the stuff I’ve already purchased.
3. Any chance you can move the “Abandon” mission button away from “Make Primary” button, maybe on the other side of the screen? I’ve accidentally abandoned a couple quests due to misclicks.
4. Any way to see which visited stations produce/desire what goods while inside a base or even while looking at the sector map? Seems like I have to memorize or visit specific systems to access this information.

1 - When you scan a blackbox, a purple waypoint will appear. It will blink when it initially appears and when you hover it or look at it says ‘Blackbox Coordinates’. Stuff will be there - loot, an encounter, maybe both.

2 - Ships come with no equipment - all your stuff is automatically moved over. You won’t have to re-buy anything.

3 - Which menu are you abandoning on? The PDA, or on the Station? (Because I fixed some general issues with the on-station missionlog in build .82 which is now live)

4 - at present you can’t see them from the sector map because I don’t know where to stick that info - since you’re actively hovering a system and not a planet. You CAN see where goods are commonly imported/exported from in the commodity market if you look down below to give you hints on where to go with them or where to go to get stuff for them. The economy names are intended to give you a general hint of the tone of the goods there (for instance, black markets will buy anything)

Thanks, good news about buying a new ship!

As for #3, it’s the mission log on the tablet view.

Gotcha! I don’t play with mouse that often so I imagine I wasn’t hassled by the button proximity since I don’t use it often ;) Will look into it.

@tbaldree is it true that the volume controls aren’t separate for sound effects and voices in the game? I heard a streamer mention that.

Right now there are just independent controls for sounds and music, not a separate dialog control.
Because I am a monster.

Nah, I’m good as long as there are subtitles.

My new goal is to get enough followers to warrant early copies of the next game by you guys. game looks amazing, watching some other streamers play now. Think I’ll go ahead and take my chances on whether I can play and stream same time. Can always play when not streaming I guess.

I thought the first game looked amazing, but I had trouble really getting into the broadside type gameplay, more of a fighter guy.

edit: the more I watch the more I realize the audio is definitely what puts it over the top. Everything from the music to all the ambient sounds and chatter. Loving it.

True enough, the sfx and radio really get the space-cowboy in you totally kicking. Plus, it’s fun knowing Travis did a lot of the voice acting, especially the lovable, rascally redneck, Richter Brust (you’ll see soon!)

Got yer abandon button moved around right here:…

Rebel Galaxy Outlaw v.83
Patch Notes

*Fixed some pool cue attachment issues on billiards NPC on Rasmussen
*Separate Dialogue Volume control (NOTE! Changed the way the master sound grouping volume worked to properly support this - you may want to re-adjust all volumes)
*Jump fuel is only consumed AFTER a jump, not BEFORE the pre-jump save - so repeated reloads to a save before a jumpgate won’t deplete your fuel
*Starvenger cabinet mission for Vista won’t erroneously warn that you have insufficient credits after purchase if your credits dip below the needed value
*background ships on stations are now static and use separate materials so your paintjobs cannot show on them
*Slight reduction in max random damage on risky jumps
*Tweaked a jumpgate animation
*Some new stencil artwork
*Fixed weird corner-case meeting mission waypoint placement issue
*Some texture updates on Sandhawk and Sonora
*Juno moved back a bit in the large garage scene so gestures can’t pass through the terminal
*Abandon Mission button in PDA log is red and further from Make Primary button

Who wants this game out now?

Wow, man, every dev should be as responsive as you are! Can’t wait to play.

Please tell me that there’s DLC planned.

And please tell me that the DLC is about your partner’s mother taking an interest in your business, and it’s called Rebel Galaxy In-Law.

Ah. Mazing.

Review of German magazine Gamestar is in. Final verdict is 80 of 100. Very good. They praise the setting, combat, atmosphere and graphics but say it could use more diverse mission types and can be grindy. Also stiff animations are mentioned. Overall super positive though.

I would buy that in a heartbeat, LOL