Rebel Galaxy Outlaw

The wait is over!

Edit: Gosh! Am I embarrassed… I forgot that it’s Outlaw that I need!


The wait continues…

Edit: Did I mention that the library display of EGS sucks?

Are we there yet?

1 hour 54 minutes. GAH!!!

More like 7 hours 54 minutes for me. Stupid jobs, what do we need them for, anyway?

This is an old video, but @tbaldree is here showing off drifting (which I didn’t know was a thing and it looks great, so for anyone else that wasn’t following this title late last year, worth checking out.

So we can’t even pre-load? Ugh.

Hope the EGS doesn’t break later when everyone is downloading and installing.

Yeah, no pre-loads on Epic. It only requires 8GB of space, so it’s probably a 3-5GB download, I doubt it’s something that really needs a pre-load.

It’s actually a llittle bigger - it’s a 12.5GB download, about 18.5GB installed.
It’s also DRM free so preload is pretty much the game. Although… I don’t know if they even do preloads yet on EGS? We didn’t really investigate due to the basically raw nature of the game.

I am pretty sure I read EPIC doesn’t do pre-loads, but even as I type this I feel like I was able to pre-load Metro Exodus, so now I’m not even sure. EDIT: Nope, Reddit was mad about it too looks like. No pre-loading on EGS currently, looks like.

Why am I stuck at work?!?! Dangit.

How critical is a SSD for this game? Are there load times between areas I should be aware of?

When does it go live? (EST)

Noon? Epic doesn’t have a countdown clock.

Goes live in 11 minutes from now.

Just think of any loading waits as opportunities for elevators in space.

I’m using my SSD and load times are pretty small. Not sure about non-SSD

I’ll let you know. No SSDs on my PC whatsoever! ;)

If you feel load times are too slow on non SSD you can reduce them somewhat by using ‘normal’ mesh quality instead of ‘high’ - will cut down on a reasonable hunk of ship geometry data.


And it should be out right about now. And I’m stuck at work for another 8 hours or so. Sigh.