Rebel Galaxy Outlaw

Hi Travis, now this is out pls start on the console port asap TIA.


Reminds me of the xkcd Johnny Droptables strip.

This has been helpful, thanks! I am just not really normally fast enough to react to the noise - by the time I’m registering it, it’s way too late. “Rear shields gone - hull breached” is pretty common.

I fixed it a little bit by dropping 18k on better armor plating. That has helped quite a bit in general.

I’m making pretty good money now, I think, pulling in 4-6k just fighting system defense and bounty type missions (not the actual bounties which seem very beyond me right now, yikes, but at 10-13k a pop that’s too be expected where I am at, I suppose). My overall value is around 180k which is great, I’ve upgraded or have something in nearly every slot.

Question - what are some good weapon choices? I see Gauss Cannons are better (but slower) than my Mass Drivers and my other weapon is the Tracer I got early on. Is there anywhere to practice these weapons before I “pull the trigger” (har) on buying them?

No surround, just a pair of old pc speakers.

It seems like maybe some of the acknowledgement sound effects that occur during conversations are louder than they should be as well.

The ‘trill’ when going to the system menu seems louder than the other sound effects such as the ‘ping’ when scrolling across the base options.

Entirely possible that this is just a me thing as well.

Just make sure you set your location to Null Island or the all games are free discount doesn’t work.

So I’m quite enjoying this but I’m experiencing a weird sensation of “I should be playing with a stick and keyboard” since I am a veteran of Privateer, Wing Commander etc. @BrianRubin have you tried a FF2 with this game yet? I know it doesn’t support real force feedback though.

Sorry, but I can’t read all 2,547,867 messages. What is the accepted default input device most are using? An Xbox controller? I loved Privateer and my cheapo joystick. I downed a lot of Kilrathi and oppressive police heavies with it.

Does joystick still work, and if it does, what is the one to buy now? Or am I dumb to not use a videogame controller?

I personally love the combo of auto-cannon and proton cannon my own self.

Xbox controller. Can’t be beat.

So I go into Gamestop to buy a used one and ask for an Xbox controller and I will get the right one? Is there more than one? Official? Third-party?

I did play Freelancer with mouse and keyboard so I’m not married to a joystick. I just have so many happy memories of Privateer.

Get an official Xbox One wireless controller.

If buying used, make sure it’s the newer bluetooth model, with the 3.5mm jack (the old ones needed a dongle).

And get a play-and-charge kit so you can recharge it, unless you prefer to use AAs of course.

Or wired. Wired is better. Xbox one regardless.

Yup, if you’re playing on a desktop PC, why not? No battery life worries!

Exactly. fist bump

I’ve had to restart my entire game 3x because I keep losing massive amounts of money (all my money) at pool. What the heck is wrong with me? I haven’t even dogfighted yet.

Haha, I’m there with you too! I can’t sit for 45 minutes when I have a game to play.

So anyone else taking notes from the bartender? Is that necessary? Note: I have squandered my starts and still not left port LOL.

EGS turned me into Monsieur.Tibbs. :(

Don’t waste money on a play and charge kit. It just uses micro usb. To play wireless on PC your PC needs bt or buy the $15 Xbox one controller dongle.

I’m a little confused as to where the autosave is dropping me off after I die or choose to exit to the main menu. Does it save progress as you go? Restart everything from the moment you left the space station?

I’m trying to do some experimenting, exploring that “something nice in quadrant 11 near Texas”, and I can’t tell if it’s saving me post or pre encounter or what. After I forced myself to die running into a freighter it didn’t seem to send me back to where I started, but right in that sector…

Well, I just played close to two hours and have started getting the hang of the basics. Ton of fun. This is going to eat up my weekend for sure.