Rebel Galaxy Outlaw

LS down to toggle auto follow and LT for afterburner might be something I would like.

I’m playing with a controller, which is something I never saw myself doing, but it seems to work.

That said, I’m not at all for auto-follow being a toggle. Especially for head-on targets, it takes too direct an angle when passing a target. I find myself dropping autopursuit briefly and looping out for a bit of lag pursuit, so I don’t whiz right by the target and lose sight of it altogether.

I’m suggesting an option of course, it wouldn’t be mandatory.

No problems with the controls here, they already feel like muscle memory to me (XBO controller).

Question - I’m at a value of around 250K or so but still have the starting ship. I just upgraded my shields and now have a Tachyon Laser that I dropped a LOT of cash on but haven’t used yet (I had to get to work). I’m starting to worry if I’m throwing my money away - if I buy a new ship, can I move the parts from my current ship over (like my Shields 2, my upgraded hull, my Tracer and Tachyon Beam, ECM 2, and etc.)? How does buying a ship work?

That Travis tutorial video is great…I think I’m going to start a new game after watching it, in fact. I’d consider it almost a must watch, and it’s entertaining, too.

Everyone can stand down on the planned march on Epic HQ. I was able to buy the game this morning.

I’ve been having a blast. My only frustration with the game so far is pretty darn minor:

Pressing ‘B’ while at the landing pad sends me into space. I think my frustration here is two-fold:

  • I was expecting ‘B’ to be ‘back’ functionality and I’m not always going to be arriving at the landing pad from space
  • I’ve accidentally hit ‘B’ enough after landing that it frustrates me having to skip the cutscenes again just to get back down. Do that two times in a row and now I’m irked. This is obviously user error on my part, but it’s still annoying. :)

It really is a great game. I am definitely going to need to look into assigning the afterburner to something other than left-stick though.

I’m wondering if Left-stick click and A can be swapped. After all, A is used infrequently for things like autopilot, so maybe that won’t be so bad to be on Left Stick click. Only problem with that plan is that right now it’s possibly to loop the ship in an evasion pattern by turning with the right thumbstick and hitting afterburners. If your right thumb is doing the afterburners by pressing A, you can’t also roll the ship at the same time. But you can still pitch and yaw.

All your stuff carries over, so you won’t have to rebiy anything. See the spoilered response here: Rebel Galaxy Outlaw

While the gamepad controls are OK, I will agree with others that holding in the left stick for afterburners when trying to escape pirates is not a great experience. I’m trying to simultaneously evade incoming fire while holding in the same stick. Ick. My only only other problem is targeting being a bit goofy having to hold the left bumper plus D-pad.

Gameplay wise I’m loving it. Very much captures the privateer feel of scraping buy to start to build a better ship (I started on Veteran).

Random thoughts:

  • I’m going to dig out the old Sidewinder FF2 just to try stick + keyboard and see how it works.
  • Please remove (or allow to disable) B leaving a landing platform back to space. More than once I’ve ended up in space and blowing extra docking fees because I was trying to skip through transition scenes as I was docking.
  • Use of surround channels for weapon effects is fantastic. Really makes you feel like you are in the cockpit.
  • How come some purchase options list “trade in” automatically as part of the cost and others don’t? Can’t seem to determine what makes this option show up. Often I just sell the weapon/item ahead of time and then buy the new one.
  • If you are in a losing fight, don’t forget to try to surrender or pick the “can’t we just get along”? option. This has saved my butt several times, but doesn’t always work.

I am not connecting with this game at all. The first mission chain, (listed as “mild” danger), has killed me multiple times now and I’m not making any progress. I won a decent weapon over a game of pool but it seems to do almost nothing to the enemies and when I try talking to them they laugh and then kill me anyway.

Thus far the eight ball might be the only thing I’m enjoying and I have actual pool games for that.

I downloaded this from the Xi Jinping Store, and went back to playing the single-player-modded ArmA Antistasi.

It’s in the “play me” queue, but so is the new update to NMS.

I’m thinking I’m good for games for the rest of the summer.

I discovered that the A button also skips cutscenes. I got in the habit of using that when landing, so if you hit A one too many times it just takes you to the concourse.

I ran into this issue as well, but pay attention to the warning messages at the top of your screen. You’ll get a “You might be overmatched…”. When that happens, you can often talk your way out of the fight by talking to them by hitting the Select key. If they first refuse, you can try to keep talking.

Things went much more smoothly once I realized I could talk my way out of a lot of fights that were killing me. I also ran a bunch of safe local delivery missions until I could afford two combat lasers, which also made combat in Texas a lot more manageable.

Perfecto, thanks man!

Is there any way to include an auto-save when you auto-pilot to a new waypoint or something? Seems like I always die doing the third or fourth mission and then I have to redo all the missions again, LOL. I’m too afraid to deviate and explore because of worrying over losing time and having to re-do a bunch of stuff.

EDIT: If there are manual saves then I’m an idiot and never found them, I just keep relying on the auto save when you leave a station?

I like the save system. It’s a risk/reward thing. If you want to get more reward, you have to risk blowing up and losing the first 3 missions worth of work.

That’s not quite right though - I could fly to the nearest base to save my game and then do the missions one at a time. It’s just… you know, more FUN to be in space and tackling missions and such is all. I guess I’ll just have to do it the slow/boring way of returning to a space station every time something rewarding happens or each time I wrap up a mission.

EDIT: I think to make it an actual risk/reward and not just a time waster, you’d need to do something like Elite (or Dark Souls) does where death isn’t the end you just lose money/progress but the stuff you had accomplished was still accomplished. Of course, if I wanted to deal with that I’d be playing Elite, but this feels like it’s trying to be a bit more casual/fun than that?

I would like an autosave after completing each mission, yes. And there should be multiple autosaves, cycling between them, just in case you’re surrounded by seventy dreadnaughts when you complete a mission.

Gameplay wise it feels like Privateer. That’s good, you can’t have too much Privateer. Shooting ships feels good although I wish for a more pronounced hull/armor hit sound. Even with full manual aiming it’s not too hard to hit ships, unlike some other modern space games. Excited to get some more money and try out different weapons and gear.

The UI/instrumentation on the other hand seems like it was designed to be as difficult to use as possible. A retro font wasn’t enough, let’s blur it too! I’m trying to figure out if this ship I targeted is a bad guy or not and I don’t know the ships yet so I’m sitting here waiting for it to switch the display from the ship class to the allegiance and mostly just find out by getting shot instead. That’s when it’s even on the target display instead of automatically switching to the log screen at various points. Some notifications are displayed on the top right, but that font is even smaller and harder to read than the rest of it. Etc.