Rebel Galaxy Outlaw

Perfecto, thanks man!

Is there any way to include an auto-save when you auto-pilot to a new waypoint or something? Seems like I always die doing the third or fourth mission and then I have to redo all the missions again, LOL. I’m too afraid to deviate and explore because of worrying over losing time and having to re-do a bunch of stuff.

EDIT: If there are manual saves then I’m an idiot and never found them, I just keep relying on the auto save when you leave a station?

I like the save system. It’s a risk/reward thing. If you want to get more reward, you have to risk blowing up and losing the first 3 missions worth of work.

That’s not quite right though - I could fly to the nearest base to save my game and then do the missions one at a time. It’s just… you know, more FUN to be in space and tackling missions and such is all. I guess I’ll just have to do it the slow/boring way of returning to a space station every time something rewarding happens or each time I wrap up a mission.

EDIT: I think to make it an actual risk/reward and not just a time waster, you’d need to do something like Elite (or Dark Souls) does where death isn’t the end you just lose money/progress but the stuff you had accomplished was still accomplished. Of course, if I wanted to deal with that I’d be playing Elite, but this feels like it’s trying to be a bit more casual/fun than that?

I would like an autosave after completing each mission, yes. And there should be multiple autosaves, cycling between them, just in case you’re surrounded by seventy dreadnaughts when you complete a mission.

Gameplay wise it feels like Privateer. That’s good, you can’t have too much Privateer. Shooting ships feels good although I wish for a more pronounced hull/armor hit sound. Even with full manual aiming it’s not too hard to hit ships, unlike some other modern space games. Excited to get some more money and try out different weapons and gear.

The UI/instrumentation on the other hand seems like it was designed to be as difficult to use as possible. A retro font wasn’t enough, let’s blur it too! I’m trying to figure out if this ship I targeted is a bad guy or not and I don’t know the ships yet so I’m sitting here waiting for it to switch the display from the ship class to the allegiance and mostly just find out by getting shot instead. That’s when it’s even on the target display instead of automatically switching to the log screen at various points. Some notifications are displayed on the top right, but that font is even smaller and harder to read than the rest of it. Etc.

Just want to add a voice to the chorus of people saying using the gamepad is worth the effort for non-gamepad users. I dusted off the wired xbox 360 controller I bought years ago and never really used much. I have no gamepad skills at all. At first it took me minutes to line up a stationary mine, but after some hours it’s all coming together. I can dodge and cycle targets and flip to the tactical view all with ease now.

My biggest issue with the controls is that in the station menus you hit X to bring up the starmap, but in space X fires a missile. All too often when I want to bring up the sector map in space I end up firing a missile since I’ve gotten used to hitting X for the map.

I didn’t realize you can drift until the recent posts in this thread. I’ll have to give that a shot today.

I agree that the messages in the top right are way too small to read.

The log screen in the MFD also doesn’t help much since message disappear from that very quickly and as far as I know you can’t scroll back to see prior ones.

For targeting there’s the tactical overlay thing you can bring up by using the command menu. It’s at the top (hit Y, move stick up, Y again). It’s super useful and it’s the first thing I do now when an encounter starts.

Yeah, that thing is awesome and I love it. I use it all the time - scan first, you’ll get more pips to look at.

Also, I have taken to scanning the area after a fight as I almost always miss out on cargo floating in space from my enemies otherwise.

Is there a UI volume slider somewhere I’m not seeing? That loud CHIRRRP whenever you access a menu is going to drive me insane.

It’s worth noting it seems you can land at any time without breaking missions. I had a patrol mission where I got shot up so bad I had to go repair after the first waypoint and the other patrol waypoints were still there when I went back into space.


Well I finally managed to get the game, but I sort of hate the gamepad and trying to get my X45 working is a nightmare.

The game REALLY needs like a training simulator where you can fart around with controls and try to understand them. Hell my first 40 seconds of playing I left a planet and was under attack from a pirate with zero context on what any of my buttons even did. The cops took care of him but that sort of thing feels really crappy.

Going to try the gamepad again.

I just went to the mission board and picked up a bunch of safe missions with the intent of grinding out some credits before I let the main mission chain kill me again.

On autopilot to the first of these safe missions I got jumped (interdicted?) by some… thing that pretty much killed me before I could even orient to what was happening.

This may not be for me.

It was probably mines. I ran head first into a minefield early on too. Now as soon as I see lots of red dots on the radar I turn around and get some distance immediately. Don’t be discouraged.

In general the starting ship is not combat ready until you beef it up some. Avoid combat missions, ignore distress calls, etc. until you’ve made some money trading, doing trading missions, and doing minefield clearing missions. Don’t take on pirates with just the starting utility laser.

I had that initial bump where I was kind of like “I am doing something wrong? Why do I keep getting splatted?” but things smoothed out for me significantly. The first hour or two had some frustrating WTF moments, but it got much better after that. Partly it was avoiding the fights (talking my way out), partly it was getting a little better at the game, and partly it was upgrading my ship. You get the ability to call buddies in for assistance pretty quickly as well, which also helped.

So I guess what I’m saying is, I had similar frustration and almost felt like putting the game aside for the evening, but it got a lot better a little further in. Just one point of data, but might be worth sticking it out for a little bit longer and see if the game grabs you.

It felt a little oldschool where I was kind of thrown to the wolves rather than being babysat for the first little while of the game. I tend to prefer that compared to overly long “tutorial” periods where things are a snoozefest, but the game could probably use a little more onboarding. I felt like I was fighting pirates before I knew how to operate my ship.

You know, I grabbed Rebel Galaxy when it was free a couple weeks ago and fired it up, but this was my exact experience with it. Literally like the first moment of the game as I’m trying to dock with a station and haven’t even familiarized myself with the controls at all I’m getting shot to shit by three or four ships. When I undocked a bit later after getting a “hey go here” story mission, they (or others just like them) were still there, and there go my shields, and oh no I’m taking component damage or something, man fuck this. So frustrating…I uninstalled.

Honestly, overall I’m having a great time. I do have some pretty aggravating annoyances though.

  • I am getting very tired of getting taken out of Auto Pilot for things like Distress Signals, or being “tackled” by pirates. I’m not saying these should be eliminated, but toned way down.

  • This game has more gate campers than Eve Online. A lot more. When you start doing multi-sector runs for the merchant guild, or other quests, you will understand. At time, I’ve been intercepted when arriving at a gate, or when exiting on the other side, of every gate in the run. Sometimes 4 or 5 times in a row. Too much!

  • The only other issue is not quite knowing when one of the major story lines is above your current abilities. Like I’m following a certain NPC on a quest chain, and the first mission goes smoothly. The next one, though (called Prison Break) kicks my ass before I can even target an enemy. Seems like there should be some way to tell I’m too low geared for some of these.

I was commenting to @ShivaX on the phone that I wish targets and your own ship had some sort of assigned point value to know (based on factors like weapons and such) the approx power level of so if I’m at a … say 45 and I get targeted by someone that’s a 90 I can know it’s maybe time to beg for mercy or try to flee.

Also, I don’t think I’ve ever been able to flee so far. :)