Rebel Galaxy Outlaw

Yes, I would like this as well. Going to third person via the circle menu makes a lot more sense than giving up a precious arrow button since switching views isn’t something someone would normally do constantly/quickly.

I converted the first post to a wiki-- put your FAQs and tips there!

I have had very little time to play, and hope to make amends tonight and over the weekend.

I usually hate mini-games. I don’t think I played more than two hands of Gwent in the entire Witcher series.

I figured I’d grit my teeth and play a round of 8-Ball to get the cheap Tracer gun.
I suck at pool obviously, since I played so many times before winning, that I might as well have just bought the gun, but I finally broke through and won. Now I’m looking forward to playing pool almost as much as blowing up pirates. I will say, I think the pool AI is just too good. The 8-Ball bot-lady was making some pretty sick shots.

Travis is @ <- flagged in that wiki post. Does that mean he’ll get a notification every time someone makes an edit? If so, you should un-tag him maybe. But I don’t know if that’s how wiki posts work in Discourse.

You can rebind it in the gamepad menu.

I don’t think so, but if that happens he can remove his own flag!

He is working on improving the mouse

Saw his post on Reddit. He is really working his ass off still.

Added some tips to the wiki. Apparently y’all need more docking in your lives, based on what I’ve been reading here and elsewhere.

It’s a relief to read this, as it’s what I’ve been actually doing so far.

That’s the way the first Rebel Galaxy worked, at least for me. Better to upgrade all your weapons and such then carry them forward to a new ship than get a better (but weaker) ship and then upgrade it.

That’s usually the case with all space-shootery build types. Same thing in Privateer, same thing in Elite Dangerous. A fully-loaded Class A Sidey or Adder is far more dangerous than, say, an Vulture with nothing but low-level gear.

As far as I’ve seen, mining is by far the biggest money maker early on. It doesn’t take long to make a few hundred thousand in the Texas system from mining and selling any of the resources other than iron (just throw away the iron ore to free up cargo space).

Didn’t know there was another Torchlight in the works, awesome!

I believe it’s exclusive to Perfect Worlds’ Arc game client.

Finally broke down and did the one thing I almost never do. Watched @tbaldree ‘s “longish” tutorial video. It was exceptionally good, not boring, and concise - literally the opposite of every other tutorial I’ve ever seen on a YouTube.

It was looking at that 45 minute length that normally screams, “sleep time!” And makes me run away. Well done Travis. Well done. Wish you’d been most of my professors in college.


Added several items to the first post of tips.

How do you bring up the solar system map (not the galaxy map) when you’re on a station?

I’ve never figured out how, neither in this game nor the previous one.

In the previous game it was pressing Shift after you have the system map up (which was M). I don’t have outlaw, so ymmv.

Are you sure you could call up the map for the current solar system while on a station? I don’t remember being able to in RG. Once out of a station, yeah. At the missions kiosk you could see the “sector map” of the systems and their connections to one another.

EDIT: of course, maybe it was possible using the keyboard as you indicate and I never thought to do that.