Rebel Galaxy Outlaw

How do you bring up the solar system map (not the galaxy map) when you’re on a station?

I’ve never figured out how, neither in this game nor the previous one.

In the previous game it was pressing Shift after you have the system map up (which was M). I don’t have outlaw, so ymmv.

Are you sure you could call up the map for the current solar system while on a station? I don’t remember being able to in RG. Once out of a station, yeah. At the missions kiosk you could see the “sector map” of the systems and their connections to one another.

EDIT: of course, maybe it was possible using the keyboard as you indicate and I never thought to do that.

How do you capture a black box floating in space? I have a tractor beam, but I can’t find any command to grab it, nor do I get a context option when I run into it.

Also, for managing targets with the 4 button directional pad, you need to hold some other button as a shift key I’m guessing, but which gamepad button is shift?

When you’re at the available mission list you can press shift to bring up the galaxy map (not the current solar system map).

The green or red “hold down a” to tractor doesn’t appear in top right?

How DOES combat scale with you since our don’t have XP or levels?

You don’t, you scan black boxes.

Like Brian said, you don’t pull them into your hold - rather just sit near them and a progress bar starts to fill up - when it’s full, you cracked the destination marker and can auto-pilot to it to investigate.

Rebel Galaxy Outlaw version v1.06 (August 14, 2019)

*Mouse control precision updates!
*New ‘recenter mouse’ control (unbound by default)
*New mouse reticle display mode in flight
*Can also hide mouse display in flight
*Can disable all mouse smoothing for relative mouse mode
*Can turn off relative mouse easing
*Can flip mouse pitch axis independently
*Fix for one axis that didn’t negative/positive pair properly (throttles)
*Fall all the way back to Mono if you can’t get Stereo sound
*We now allow the game to run with no sound if no devices are ever resolved
*Default to ‘stereo override’ to deal with quad and/or surround issues. Allow override in settings (requires a game restart)
*Fix for arcade sprite squishing in ultrawide
*Fix for Orzu intro video squishing in ultrawide.
*Ensure that a directional foul in 8-ball doesn’t get passed on to the next player
*Mouse precision mode turns slower in 8-ball
*Fix some radial menu selection issues in ultrawide (and especially ultra-ultrawide)
*Fixed Ravalli mission computer placement

Ohhhh, so I needed to target them, then hold L2 so it drops my speed to 0 and then it does its thing. OK.
I also picked up a piece of contraband floating in space. How do I sell it without getting caught at this early stage of the game? or should I just eject it back into space?

Damn. He beat me to it, I came here to post patch notes.

Now I need to put my Cowboy Bebop OST music for playing this.

So far I haven’t heard the menu music in any of the radio stations in the ship. If they’re not, how can I make this happen? I left the main menu music on for a few hours yesterday just cause I love that music so much.

Uh how do I mine? I have a scanner there tells me if asteroids are mineable but shooting them with my mass drivers does nothing.

Gotta have a mining laser (or preferably mining turret)

Ok, reporting back after trying my Microsoft Sidewinder Precision Pro. It took me a while to get the controls setup. Basically by default, all the buttons on the joystick are assigned, so even though there’s keyboard buttons assigned to the same actions, they don’t work.

So what you have to do is use the C button to clear mapping on all those buttons you’re not going to use on the joystick (the ones that require a second hand on the joystick, which you don’t want, since this is a HOKAS setup, so you want your other hand on the keyboard). After clearing all the buttons and throttle axis and all that, it worked brilliantly! I had my four buttons and my joystick hat assigned, and everything else was assigned to the left side of the keyboard.

Unfortunately, this did not prevent me from dying the first time I ran into combat. The game is still freakin’ hard, even with the joystick and keyboard setup that I prefer. But I like that! :) This one’s got a learning curve for sure.

I just hope when I switch back to gamepad, and come back to the Sidewinder, it won’t have forgotten all my control changes. I didn’t see any way to save control configuration so that makes me a little nervous. Hopefully all that stuff is automatic then.

Not Xinput, but DirectInput which many games support natively with a DS4.

Probably eject it for now. I did see at least one storage component that had shielded stash space for sale though…,

All gamepad mappings are stored separately from stick. you’re good.