Rebel Galaxy Outlaw

Well that is NOT this game. You want something like Subdivision Infinity DX or Hypergate then.

Yea, RGO is definitely Privateer and not Wing Commander.

I can hold a boost of 999 (speed) with my Cyclic burners without even adjusting anything into Engines (999 seems to be the cap) and I still get killed by enemies I’m trying to run from, even in a Coyote with the highest end hull and level 4 shields. I’m sure those little fast ships can still keep up with me given the 999 speed cap, but I’m not really clear on how to escape - and trying to beg for mercy is really not reliable and even if it works, it takes precious seconds to find out.

Perhaps I was not holing the LB button, which is above the LT right?

Also, are you finding mining to be lucrative? I found some good stuff, but the time it took to find good stuff vs running cargo or something seemed like a waste of time to mine. Granted, I did not do this too long because of my frustration with stacks of iron.

Correct, LB is above LT. Incidentally, holding LB and tapping up on the Dpad is the primary way to target closest hostile. So the same process with holding LB but tapping right or left instead is how you target any targetable object.

Mining can be very lucrative if you use the method of dumping the low value ores, and filling up on the valuable ones. It can become a little tedious after a while. You only get 3ish ores from each rock, so it’s a lot of scanning, and maneuvering to each rock.

There was no main story in Privateer to start off with. Just asteroid bases, planets, trading posts, agricultural planets, etc. You did missions for the mission board, merchant guild, mercenary guild (sound familiar?) to get more money so you could buy better ship parts and better ships. There was no story, as far as I was aware.

However… I happened to go to one of the bars on a certain planet and there was a guy sitting at one of the tables that I could click on. Hmmmm, what’s this? That’s where the story started. The story was a big surprise to me, and I always considered it a spoiler that there even was one, since it was hidden away. (To be fair though, that planet was a big commercial hub, every player would eventually land there and go to the bar).

Indeed, Privateer did have a story. I don’t recall any of the particulars but what you posted rings true.

Anyway, I have great hopes for the mission editor and user generated content on this one.

At the end of the day, there’s only so many verbs a space sim can have*, so I’m not sure what you’re expecting to get out of the mission editor that’s not already there, other than more dialogue I suppose.

  • Don’t tell Chris Roberts.

I’m definitely in this same boat. It’s what sucked me into the Star Citizen Kickstarter back in the day. Fuck whatever MMO BS they came up with later on; I was in for Squadron 42, baby!

Unfortunately it seems like a lot of the folks working on story-based, campaign-centric space sims these days are just working with a lot less budget than, say, RGO here. The Hypergate game @BrianRubin linked above looks not too far above my memories of Wing Commander: Prophecy! :-D

I’d love to see the Double Damage guys take a crack at a Wing Commander/Freespace-style game someday. And given the major differences between RG1 and RGO, maybe that’s even possible.

The Privateer thing is definitely neat, and they’ve obviously done an excellent job achieving it, but yeah, I’m very much with you on this one, @stusser.

My frame of reference is Star Trek: Klingon Academy (etc.), but yeah, a (linear?) game with non-random missions tied together with a decent story would be great. Or maybe even an approach like House of the Dying Sun (map + mission select) with more in the way of plot would be great.

Not saying that I’m not enjoying Rebel Galaxy Outlaw for what it is, but…

Has anyone gone the evil route? I am thinking that robbing freighters might provide some lucrative loot. However, I do not want to fuck up my game and have to start over if all the police start attacking me on sight.

Also is there any kind of setting change that will auto skip those docking / launching animations?

Use targeting view

Right there at the bottom of the settings

The evil route is far more challenging. I’ve tried it in my full of money save and having the police attack you a lot is sad. I’m working on getting back on their good side, which is a fun challenge.

Police won’t attack you on sight unless you are ‘wanted’. You can be pirate-friendly without being wanted, as your wanted level drops over time.

However, if you are pirate friendly, police will aggress if you so much as graze a friendly in their presence.

You can dock at all Independent stations as a pirate, and generally there are no cops, only mercenaries around those. Commonwealth though is dangerous. There are considerably more Independent stations than Commonwealth.

I attacked a few freighters. I am not sure I got any kind of rep hit, although I do not know where I can see my current rep.

More custom-built missions, ideally a branching campaign, tied together with a story.

I wouldn’t hold out hope for modders to get this done. Even in mega popular games like Skyrim these are the exception, not the rule.

Those require a massive amount of work, though. Building a Tie-fighter style of mission doesn’t seem like it has to be so difficult. Place a bunch of units, some basic scripting, and you’re done. But I may be underselling it.

Time for me to “complain”. It seems there is an entire level of ships “missing”, namely ones that top out at lvl 3 components. They either seem to cap out at 2 or 4. Am I missing something or is that correct? It’s more “odd” I would say. Propably a place that modders can flesh out.