Rebel Galaxy Outlaw

I’m simply amazed at how many elements of this game are similar to Privateer. That game had so many dramatic moments where I try to run past the other ships, and go through the jump point, but spinning up the jump takes time and the other ships can shoot at you during that time. That mechanic has made it into this game, it looks like. Privateer had pirates for you to worry about (or join), a religious faction to worry about (and join in the expansion pack? I never played Righteous Fire, sadly), police forces (the Federation) and Mercenaries. This game has all those. The only thing missing is that Privateer also had an ongoing war between the Federation and the Kilrathi. As far as I’ve seen so far, there’s no equivalent of that in Outlaw.

There was a Merchant’s Guild (check), Mercenary Guild (check), mission boards (check), repair bays (check), ship dealers (check), bars with bartenders and sometimes other people (check). There was a commodities market in most places (check). There was a lot of debris floating in space (check). I only mention that last one because it’s relatively rare to see that outside of the Wing Commander series, so it was particularly striking to see that particular thing back with a vengeance in this game. Even the font for the computers seems to be taken right out of the old Privateer.

But of course, all of it is packaged in a much better looking game. The 2D cockpits are now 3D, there’s light reflecting off the smudged glass, there’s gorgeous lighting effects and smoke and reflections and so many little things.

Privateer was cheating in a way. It was set during the Kilrathi War that was already taking place in two previous games. Outlaw sort of has to establish its own unique universe out of whole cloth and doesn’t have that advantage. There obviously are a bunch of aliens in this world that seem to be interacting with humans and seem to already be integrated into human society. I hope I find out more about them as the game continues. I love that even the random mission boards are not completely random. For instance I found out there’s a prison in the Montana system, and they had a mission to help prisoners escape. There was a system there that needed Pure Water, and I not only saw mission board missions to take water there, but I saw several merchant guild missions in neighboring systems to take Pure Water to that same place where there’s a shortage, and Pure Water was selling for a lot of credits.

It’s only been a week, and I’m only the opening garbage scow, but I’m really loving this so far. I am dying a lot, I admit, but my memory of that from Privateer is pretty hazy by now. Did I die a lot in Privateer too? Especially in my opening ship? I think I did, but I can’t remember. That was 1993 or 94 when I played it, so it’s been a while.

Same here, and L2 shields. Still in the Platypus (dubbed “Rocinante” in honor of both The Expanse and Don Quixote. I was also considering “Babieca,” the name of the Cid’s steed.).

I painted mine brown and named it Shitbird. Anyway I’m on the second ship now, it’s much better.

There are some really tough encounters that were killing me, mainly the 40k merc missions that need you to capture a named pirate. Even in a fully upgraded coyote, with a wingman helping I was getting shredded. The problem was that when auto-piloting to the encounter, it was plopping me in the center of a swarm of ships, and I had no chance. I solved this by using the sublight drive instead to travel 10-20k space units out from the swarm. This allowed me to engage and draw out a few ships at a time instead, and was instantly effective at beating these encounters. So if your getting swarmed right after auto pilot, use sublight instead.

Yeah, using a sublight approach is a great tactic sometimes. Indispensable, really.

It looks like they would sell for more than regular prisoners at pirate stations.

I tinkered and found an excellent remapping to make afterburner work much better. My thumb doesn’t get as tired and I can do a lot better jinks and moves with it active now. So do the following:

  • Assign left stick press to Comms

  • Assign the two squares button to “Systems Menu”

  • Assign pause button (3 lines) to afterburner. Now you can afterburn and move around like a pro without wearing out your thumb.

It will take a few wrong presses to re-learn but you’ll get it quickly.

Very interesting. I never thought of re-assigning the back and start buttons before. That’s an interesting idea.

I was wondering what the point or advantage of sublight was. Thanks. Is there any other use for it?

It looks so darned cool. You can actually watch stars and planets go by. It gives you a much better sense of the geography of each solar system, as opposed to autopilot where you just show up at the next destination.

So who is everyone’s favorite buddy to help them in fights?

I have 3 available and I have no idea which one is more effective based on the ship they use. I’m using Satchel at the moment but I can’t figure out what ship he’s using.

Sharkey is the best. THE. BEST. I. SAID.

Partial to martha, me.

I was really hoping that RGO would work well with a proper joystick and throttle setup. All of the pre-release talk about ‘works best with a gamepad’ and hyping autopursuit made me dubious, but I still wanted to give it a shot.

So I was able to configure the game to work with my HOTAS setup, and put a few hours into it over the weekend… and it’s awesome. The controls feel great, the ships handle well. Mixing it up in dogfights is an absolute blast. This is the game I was hoping for, and I couldn’t be happier.

Awwwwwwww jeah, you psyched us out!

Rebel Galaxy Outlaw version v1.10 (August 19, 2019) - 60MB
*If mouse cursor is inverted, vertical display is inverted as well
*Mouse cursor opacity in reticle display modes is now an adjustable setting
*Map panning movement sped up

*F3 and F4 screenshots keys are now exposed as bindable if you’d like to move them.

*You can now choose to temporarily ignore distress signals from the command menu if you’ve got a long haul ahead of you. (Command menu control can be rebound)
*When interrupted by hostiles or arriving at a hostile mission, you approach 3k further out to give you more reaction time

*Failing Life On Mars won’t result in double Marla/Satchel buddy missions

*Gauss Gun: lowered energy costs by 6.5%
*Photon Cannon: lowered energy costs by 10%
*Plasma Launcher: raised shield damage 14%
*Tachyon Laser: damage raised 10%
*Trion Accelerator: very slightly more accurate
*Reduced max spawn difficulty on Minor Threat missions
*Reduced max spawn difficulty of some early patrol missions
*Pirate population reduced 15% in Texas.

*Dante, Blacknight, & Virian Black Markets are back online after a police raid temporarily shut them down.

*Minor tweaks to Sandhawk/BloodEagle models
*Minor tweak to Coyote model
*Platypus AO map no longer includes stripe information
*Fixed a character placement on Joplin concourse

*New police decal sheet for all your painting needs.
*New figurine available in pirate stations.


Oh wow, this is awesome. This will completely change the game for me. Thank you so much.

Edit: Jinx.


Aawww, I kinda loved being dumped in the thick of it, but I get it.