Rebel Galaxy Outlaw

I rock all tachyon and it’s the pwn with the 8k velocity.

I would say the different velocities make it even harder, because you will need to lead the target a different amount at any range with both tachyons and autocannons. Of course if you go all tachyons that isn’t a problem.

I tired that one briefly too, but 6x Tachyon on a Coyote was a problem even with a top-tier powerplant. I’m good but I’m not never-miss good, and missing with a few bursts of 6x Tachyon means the power gauge is zero.

Sounds like my experience with Watch Dogs 2, heh.

To bring it back to RGO, I just saw the patch notes. Thanks @tbaldree and DD games for being awesome!

Holy shit.

Just got to Nevada, hit some bars and picked up some bounties en route. Going to take my time there, probably go from the Sonora to the SandHawk and see how that feels.

I liked the extra hold size, pirates do drop some good loot. I also liked (the idea of) the turret, but I’m not sure the Tracer Turret is really helping out with a swarm of badz around your ship.

This game really is a masterpiece. I can’t believe the rate of pushing patches out, and more ships promised.

Thank you guys for such a great game.

What is everyone naming their ships?

Space Mallard and Frisky Dingo here.

In the first RG I named mine Intrepid Ferret but in this one it’s Rocinante in honor of both The Expanse ship and its inspiration in Don Quixote, which I read all the way through in grad school back when the Earth’s crust was cooling.

You’re more like Grandpapageno.

Hmm, met character named urzu, gave me an mec jammer and he said get it installed, I go to ship and only only option is to sell it not install it?!

I sold it when I couldn’t install it on the thought maybe if I buy it as an upgrade I can then install it, yeah, didn’t show up in the list.

Now when I fly to the escort where it was to be used on the cops they don’t recognize me as they did previously telling me to install it.

And of course I can’t now install it.

Is this mission now borked?

Once you buy the station and upgrade it a bit you can re buy it.
To install it you needed to go to a launcher hardpoint and then bolt it on - I assume you went to surplus and then sold it?
Anyway, you can buy it again later. This is a side mission chain and not critical, so feel free to putter ownward.

I know Don Quixote was referenced in the story, but my understanding is The Expanse’s authors said it was really a nod to the Rush song. Which is an awesome reference, but maybe too niche for the audience.

Hmm, ok, well I went thru every menu trying to figure out a way to install it. Never found an option. Must of missed it.

Thanks for letting me know I can pursue it later, I’ll move on.

Have to confess to being a little annoyed by this outcome.

I liked all tachs too. Can’t beat it for dog fighting with a little trigger discipline. But what won me back to auto/photon combo was the power>shield dump. You have plenty of power to spare if you’re not all tachs.

Using Travis’ recommended remap option (push down right stick to replenish shields) made this a fair margin better. Those odd, super tough missions are easy peasy now.

Minor bug report.

I’ve been switching back and forth between M+K and joystick+throttle. I typically use the mouse to navigate through the menus, for example.

Normally the joystick+throttle will regain focus as soon as I use one of their controls. However, moving the throttle axis will not regain focus. I can press a button on the throttle, or I can move the stick along one of its axes, and at that point the throttle axis works as expected. But, right after using mouse or keyboard inputs, moving the throttle axis does nothing.

I noticed it when leaving a station, as often the first thing I do after leaving is throttle up or down. Now I just waggle the joystick first, then I can use the throttle. Not a big deal, but thought I’d mention it.

Yeah, the reason I don’t do that is because some axes ‘wobble’ - and will give me false positives, which is ultra annoying.

500 posts back but that’s how you sell a game people

Why does the auto-navigation like to take the scenic route and the shortest route? IE: You are in jureze (the one with the double jack base). You want to go through texas, which is like 2 jumps away. But if you select texas as your destination, it will guide you through merlin and another additional bunch of hops instead of the much shorter direct route.

It hates the red unstable gates

And there is no way to tell it to just use them in its calculations?