Rebel Galaxy Outlaw

I’ve got it installed on a mechanical drive with no problems at all. Loads fast, runs fast.

Yeah, that was my biggest issue last night. Overload (aka Descent 4 in everything but name) was a much easier transition for me. In that one I started on the joystick, but discovered the controller was so intuitive a switch that I didn’t look back. In Rebel Galaxy Outlaw, it’s obvious that the controller is going to have quite the learning curve. Pressing Left Stick in for afterburner I’m used to now after playing enough last night. I’m also getting used to rolling with the right stick now. I’m still not sure how to maintain my vector while turning the ship, but I figure that’s a more advanced lesson for another day. Until then I’m trying to get used to holding the left trigger down to auto-follow.

I’m not sure auto-follow is a good crutch at the beginning of the game though, I feel like I should be getting used to the controller by adjusting the speed of the ship myself.

I think tonight what I’ll try is:

  1. Plug in my Sidewinder Precision Pro, and try out HOKAS. (Hands on Keyboard and Stick). That used to be my favorite setup for space sims historically.
  2. Depending on what happens with 1, go back to the controller and try disabling auto-pursuit and try manually adjusting speed, and learning how to maintain momentum (is it a button press that does that, like in the Wing Commander games?)

Glad to see you got this sorted my friend.

Btw, I found the post above in this fast moving thread where Scott posted Travis’ video on drifting.

Edit: Aha, I missed this the first time I saw the video since Travis only mentions it once, and if you blink you’ll miss it. He said you hold down the Throttle down key. That’s what lets you drift. And then he used his afterburners to maneuver while holding down the throttle down key.

I think when I try the HOKAS setup tonight, I’ll probably go back to my old Wing Commander/Freespace setup:

Tab: Afterburner
A: Throttle Up
Z: Throttle Down

Everything else was changeable between different space sims. I think the command menu is important enough I might assign it to the Shift key.

Gamepad works pretty well in space for me but I do find some of the bindings awkward. Left bumper plus up to lock nearest enemy isn’t great, and I wish auto follow was a toggle so I didn’t have to hold down the left trigger 100% of the time.

Also dumping power to shields is in the radial menu but I do it all the time; would like that on the down directional pad rather than third person view which I never use.

Gamepad is awful playing pool, doesn’t have sufficient precision.

According to a post on Reset Era (which is weirdly down on the game*), if you hold B, it kills the engine without losing momentum. Haven’t had a chance to try it out myself.

  • Travis, judging from the comments there you may want to make that tutorial video prominently available in game. Or at the very least prompt people early on to press Start (or equivalent) so as to bring up the controls (you could disguise it as a prompt to look at the mission log I suppose). I’m always amazed that people don’t press the pause button straight away in games like this to look at the controls, but apparently they don’t.

Controls really are very poorly tutorialized. The game would benefit from a short “sim” teaching all the controls. You can figure it out on your own obviously but we expect more hand holding these days.

Left stick push for afterburners is awkward too.

I mean, even in “the old days” there was hand holding. It just was printed on paper.

So yeah, if there’s no manual (at least on PDF), the game needs to teach itself. 42-minute videos, however good they might be, are not solving the problem!

I want to say that Left Trigger for afterburners would be so much more satisfying, but I guess the autofollow is such a big part of the controls, that had to go somewhere. They still could have switched the two if they made autofollow a toggle instead of a permanent press.

LS down to toggle auto follow and LT for afterburner might be something I would like.

I’m playing with a controller, which is something I never saw myself doing, but it seems to work.

That said, I’m not at all for auto-follow being a toggle. Especially for head-on targets, it takes too direct an angle when passing a target. I find myself dropping autopursuit briefly and looping out for a bit of lag pursuit, so I don’t whiz right by the target and lose sight of it altogether.

I’m suggesting an option of course, it wouldn’t be mandatory.

No problems with the controls here, they already feel like muscle memory to me (XBO controller).

Question - I’m at a value of around 250K or so but still have the starting ship. I just upgraded my shields and now have a Tachyon Laser that I dropped a LOT of cash on but haven’t used yet (I had to get to work). I’m starting to worry if I’m throwing my money away - if I buy a new ship, can I move the parts from my current ship over (like my Shields 2, my upgraded hull, my Tracer and Tachyon Beam, ECM 2, and etc.)? How does buying a ship work?

That Travis tutorial video is great…I think I’m going to start a new game after watching it, in fact. I’d consider it almost a must watch, and it’s entertaining, too.

Everyone can stand down on the planned march on Epic HQ. I was able to buy the game this morning.

I’ve been having a blast. My only frustration with the game so far is pretty darn minor:

Pressing ‘B’ while at the landing pad sends me into space. I think my frustration here is two-fold:

  • I was expecting ‘B’ to be ‘back’ functionality and I’m not always going to be arriving at the landing pad from space
  • I’ve accidentally hit ‘B’ enough after landing that it frustrates me having to skip the cutscenes again just to get back down. Do that two times in a row and now I’m irked. This is obviously user error on my part, but it’s still annoying. :)

It really is a great game. I am definitely going to need to look into assigning the afterburner to something other than left-stick though.

I’m wondering if Left-stick click and A can be swapped. After all, A is used infrequently for things like autopilot, so maybe that won’t be so bad to be on Left Stick click. Only problem with that plan is that right now it’s possibly to loop the ship in an evasion pattern by turning with the right thumbstick and hitting afterburners. If your right thumb is doing the afterburners by pressing A, you can’t also roll the ship at the same time. But you can still pitch and yaw.

All your stuff carries over, so you won’t have to rebiy anything. See the spoilered response here: Rebel Galaxy Outlaw

While the gamepad controls are OK, I will agree with others that holding in the left stick for afterburners when trying to escape pirates is not a great experience. I’m trying to simultaneously evade incoming fire while holding in the same stick. Ick. My only only other problem is targeting being a bit goofy having to hold the left bumper plus D-pad.

Gameplay wise I’m loving it. Very much captures the privateer feel of scraping buy to start to build a better ship (I started on Veteran).

Random thoughts:

  • I’m going to dig out the old Sidewinder FF2 just to try stick + keyboard and see how it works.
  • Please remove (or allow to disable) B leaving a landing platform back to space. More than once I’ve ended up in space and blowing extra docking fees because I was trying to skip through transition scenes as I was docking.
  • Use of surround channels for weapon effects is fantastic. Really makes you feel like you are in the cockpit.
  • How come some purchase options list “trade in” automatically as part of the cost and others don’t? Can’t seem to determine what makes this option show up. Often I just sell the weapon/item ahead of time and then buy the new one.
  • If you are in a losing fight, don’t forget to try to surrender or pick the “can’t we just get along”? option. This has saved my butt several times, but doesn’t always work.

I am not connecting with this game at all. The first mission chain, (listed as “mild” danger), has killed me multiple times now and I’m not making any progress. I won a decent weapon over a game of pool but it seems to do almost nothing to the enemies and when I try talking to them they laugh and then kill me anyway.

Thus far the eight ball might be the only thing I’m enjoying and I have actual pool games for that.

I downloaded this from the Xi Jinping Store, and went back to playing the single-player-modded ArmA Antistasi.

It’s in the “play me” queue, but so is the new update to NMS.

I’m thinking I’m good for games for the rest of the summer.