Rebel Galaxy Outlaw

Ohhhh, so I needed to target them, then hold L2 so it drops my speed to 0 and then it does its thing. OK.
I also picked up a piece of contraband floating in space. How do I sell it without getting caught at this early stage of the game? or should I just eject it back into space?

Damn. He beat me to it, I came here to post patch notes.

Now I need to put my Cowboy Bebop OST music for playing this.

So far I haven’t heard the menu music in any of the radio stations in the ship. If they’re not, how can I make this happen? I left the main menu music on for a few hours yesterday just cause I love that music so much.

Uh how do I mine? I have a scanner there tells me if asteroids are mineable but shooting them with my mass drivers does nothing.

Gotta have a mining laser (or preferably mining turret)

Ok, reporting back after trying my Microsoft Sidewinder Precision Pro. It took me a while to get the controls setup. Basically by default, all the buttons on the joystick are assigned, so even though there’s keyboard buttons assigned to the same actions, they don’t work.

So what you have to do is use the C button to clear mapping on all those buttons you’re not going to use on the joystick (the ones that require a second hand on the joystick, which you don’t want, since this is a HOKAS setup, so you want your other hand on the keyboard). After clearing all the buttons and throttle axis and all that, it worked brilliantly! I had my four buttons and my joystick hat assigned, and everything else was assigned to the left side of the keyboard.

Unfortunately, this did not prevent me from dying the first time I ran into combat. The game is still freakin’ hard, even with the joystick and keyboard setup that I prefer. But I like that! :) This one’s got a learning curve for sure.

I just hope when I switch back to gamepad, and come back to the Sidewinder, it won’t have forgotten all my control changes. I didn’t see any way to save control configuration so that makes me a little nervous. Hopefully all that stuff is automatic then.

Not Xinput, but DirectInput which many games support natively with a DS4.

Probably eject it for now. I did see at least one storage component that had shielded stash space for sale though…,

All gamepad mappings are stored separately from stick. you’re good.

I just bought the Coyote for almost 200k. Now we’re cooking!

Suddenly combat missions are a lot easier.

I’m tempted to add this to the tips in the top post, but I’m not 100% positive about it yet:

  • If you’re doing a low risk mission in your garbage scow to go to a waypoint and clear some mines, and when you get there, there’s enemies there. Don’t fight there. The mines will get you while you’re fighting the enemies. Just run away and abandon that “low risk” mission.

In my case, I even tried luring the enemies away from the mines, and then killed them all, and then went back to the mines, and there were more enemies back at the mines. And this time I figured I had to fight them there, and I got killed as usual. It’s not worth the 1350 credits to go after these low risk mine missions.

Also try just comming them and asking them to leave you be. They may flip to friendly and leave you alone.

Loving the game; just want to add I appreciate that I’m only slightly less horrible playing pool in it than I am in real life, so bravo for realism in a sci-fi game! ;)

I want to say that most of those are on Lariat and maybe one on Stinger? I forget. But there’s 400+ songs so stumbling across them takes time :)

I have tried that about 10 times. Never worked once. I’m tempted to stop trying but you keep insisting it will work one day, so I will continue to do so.

Hahaha :) Each pirate is a separate chance. Don’t try the same one twice - cycle your target.

Hold left shoulder

Cloud save issue. Unable to start program. Help?

Played like an hour with a controller just running low risk in system cargo hauls to get money. Thanks to the Autopilot it’s a breeze to get a bunch of them done very quickly. Made some upgrade mistakes (bought a second laser just to win a tracer in the next pool game, thought I upgraded the radar but it didn’t have colour etc)

Have restarted three times now because I always ended up in a situation where my ship was banged up badly and I didn’t have any repair money. I hope with my upgrades now it will be a bit easier.

RE controller it works nice but I horribly overshoot targets and can hardly hit them. Sticks are so imprecise compared to a mouse. But in general UI etc is much sleeker and more comfortable with the controller.

I had this twice, it told me I was out of sync, and asked which save I wanted to use. I selected the most recent, then turned cloud saves off in the Epic Store settings because it’s clearly not working properly yet. The other thing to try is -EpicPortal in the launcher to circumvent EGS entirely, that might skip any cloud issues perhaps? Anyway I’ve had no issues launching it since I used this, but I still check EGS for patching.