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Rebel Galaxy was released on October 20, 2015.

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Guides (prose, not video) have popped up. Haven’t read them, and I’d imagine to some degree they spoil the fun of figuring things out on your own. But they might be of help to anyone struggling to get going, particularly with combat.

[So You Want to Fly a Spaceship](So you want to fly a spaceship?)? A fairly comprehensive guide on Steam that has several contributors and is growing. Guide.
A guide that appears on an Eve Online site.
Rebel Galaxy beginner’s guide



There’s been a fair amount of discussion of this in the Space Game Discussy thread, but Rebel Galaxy deserves its own thread. For PC, Mac, XB1 and PS4, release date: “2015.”

The trailer.

The devs are Travis Baldree (Fate, Mythos) and Eric Schaefer (a little thing called Diablo). They’ve put their ARPG roots behind them for a space sim that was perfectly described by Thraeg in the other thread as “Firefly aesthetics, emphasis on capital ships, Star Control-like aliens, and a freeform procedural galaxy.”

Travis was kind enough to stop by last week and hand out temporary keys, so a bunch of us have been able to try it out, and the least we can do to reciprocate is highlight it with its own thread ;).

This Polygon preview describes it well:

Rebel Galaxy is all about big, hulking capital ships. These are vessels that have been around the galaxy a time or two, seen a few scraps and held out long enough to keep their crews alive. … Every battle in Rebel Galaxy has the potential to be a taut, setpiece event. And yet, Baldree and Schaefer told Polygon, their goal was to give Rebel Galaxy a warmth and an intimacy that will pull at players’ heartstrings. The men at Double Damage want players, in their roles as captains, to be free to roam across randomly generated galaxies, each filled with dozens of solar systems to explore and colorful factions to meet. They want players to develop relationships along the way, and to carve out a role in that galaxy that’s all their own.

Space Rangers 2 is one of my all-time favorites because of the personality of the universe. I’m hoping Rebel Galaxy brings that same sort of SR2 personality, the sense of being a solo mercenary/ranger/pilot carving out my own stories in a massive, wild galaxy.

And for anyone who’s adverse to dog-fighting space shoot 'em ups, this is not such a game. I suck generally at space combat, and found that in Rebel Galaxy the lumbering capital ships are much more to my speed. In several battles I was right on a bad guy’s tail, then alongside him, and keeping up using just a mouse/keyboard was not a problem.

Bargain Thread 2015

Oh man, this sounds excellent!


Seen some youtubes for it, as I missed out on the key thing, game looks pretty good :)


A few more for the last day, just about at the bottom of the barrel of my keys


Went ahead and took the second one (Y3MMH) and will hopefully have a chance to take a look today. Thank you!


I got the first one! Hopefully I’ll get to play it a bit before it expires!



I took the last one! OMG THANK YOU SO MUCH <3 <3 <3


Installing it now, you have made my wait for Witcher 3 much more tolerable. :)


Thanks for stopping by Travis. Can you give us a sense of a release date? I haven’t seen that anywhere. Or is it, ‘when it’s done’? ;)

So you’re clear, it expires either tonight or tomorrow.


So you are saying its good till the Witcher 3 release. :p

My goal it to pretty much give Rebel Galaxy a test spin till I pass out tonight. I believe the game is set for 2015 release.


Tyler - it’s 2015, which is getting shorter and shorter by the day :)

And yes, to anyone picking up a key, use it fast! Tomorrow we’re going to turn this off at some point during the day and put our focus squarely back on finishing the thing.



Thanks again for the press key. I’ve played it the last couple of days and I have to tell you that this game is awesome and a pre-order for me, without a doubt. It evokes Firefly, Star Control 2, and Space Rangers 2. Specifically Firefly, I’d like to know if that was a direct influence? The music is spot-on and adds so much to the atmosphere. Was it a single band you worked with to create the soundtrack? It seems very polished and I cannot wait for this gem to come out.


That’s tomorrow? (I haven’t been following, since I still want to play Witcher 2 ;) )


That sounds fantastic, and I have faith in it because Travis is involved.


Weirdly, not specifically. Early on the game had generic space epic music in it, and I was listening to the Black Keys’ Rubber Factory album while playing and thought, ‘this is WAY better’. Then I started hunting specifically for garage blues for combat situations, and for idles, slide/blues guitar made sense. And then it sort of ended up getting the Firefly vibe from a different angle. I was aiming much more for roadhouse/biker music, but there’s a lot of overlap.
All of the music is licensed and with the exception of two guitar tracks from a longtime friend of mine, none of it was created for the game. There’s a tracklist here, if you want to take a peek.


I tried the third key but it was used.


I’d just like to add that the game is also planned to release on XB1 and Mac for which I am grateful, this looks like fun and my old PC wheezes when I run a browser these days.


OMG. Watching the Polygon video and I’m in love. I heard the magic words: “mining lasers”. I love mining asteroids in games like this. And I think locking it onto a 2d plane makes it feel like Escape Velocity on steroids, which is an incredibly good thing.

Is there going to be any sort of crowd funding for this?


This has been said in the general space game discussion thread, but Rebel Galaxy really has a similar feel to to Freelancer, which is probably the greatest selling point for me.

Plus, you know, space cowboys.


Looking real good. I’ll be picking it up.


Thanks, I’ll update the first post.