Rebel Galaxy


I’m not planning on tempting any expensive lawyers by including it, that’s for sure! :)


Shields are the most important - after that it’s best to engage on the fringes by pulling a ship away from the pack, and killing them. If you head in all guns a blazin’, you’re going to go down in flames. But you already know that.


You’re not even selling the jpeg?


It’s essentially Totally Games’ X-Wing updated to current graphics. The shield is a dead giveaway. Missing a bunch of stuff like the engine/shield/laser energy proportions and such but of course it was just a publisher demo to get interest.

Goddamn shame Lucasarts didn’t pick it up. I’ve been saying for well over a decade that a modern X-Wing clone with gamepad controls would be amazing. In fact, the first time I said it, as I recall, I said it would be a great match for XBLA. That’s how long ago it was!


I actually ported several X-Wing missions to it as a test. And there IS proportional power management. (just not visually exposed here)


Sigh, what could have been…

And of course I meant the map/radar not the shield. Only Totally Games did it that way, Wing Commander had a front and rear situational map.


Don’t remember the specific encounter, but if you’re up against a large number of ships you can try to ‘aggro pull,’ draw some of the enemies at a time and dispatch them without engaging the entire group at once.


Can I please be moved to the alternate universe where @tbaldree has the Star Wars license and not EA, thanks.


All the yes to that. I’d love Disney to do a Warhammer style licensing shotgun, rather than tie themselves to EA.

Because Travis doing a modern X-wing gets me all tingly.



Twitter tease.


Sorry :) I’m having a rough time not just showing everything, but it doesn’t make any sense these days. Too many games.
But this is the best thing I’ve ever made as far as I’m concerned and it’s haaaaaaard not to say and show stuff.
(I can’t speak for the other 4 folks on the team if it’s the best thing THEY’VE made.)


Dude, if this is the best thing you’ve ever made, and you were able to mock up a modern TIE Fighter game into it easily, then you have me salivating.

So show us the goods man, when can I get my greedy little thumb sticks on this thing ;)


Forum tease, lol

We’re all excited for you, Travis, and can’t wait to see it. You know, if you felt like sliding a copy under the proverbial table, we won’t say anything. ;)


Please allow me to exchange my currency for a copy of this entertainment product at the earliest possible opportunity. Preferably before said currency burns a hole not only through my pocket, but all the way to the planet’s core.


I wonder if the new game uses the OGRE based, and heavily modified, engine or if it’s something new. It worked well enough for Torchlight and Rebel Galaxy.


Travis, I love you. ;)


This is just cruel. :)


It is just the most

It is just the most unbelievably modified thing at this point. It’s pretty far, far beyond what the previous games used.

BrianRubin may be able to attest.


Not as much as I love you. Awwww.