Rebel Galaxy


You’re killing me, Travis. Why must you do this to me?


Because he both loves and loathes us.


Same dude who teased a Privateer remake as an April Fool’s joke. No effing compunction ;)


None of you have any faith in the power of modding.

Remember - if the game can do those things - THE GAME CAN DO THOSE THINGS.


Goddamn that looks hella-sweet.




Yeah, that looks like Rebel Galaxy with a Star Wars skin. Pretty cool.


That looks like so much more than just a reskin. The ships fly wayyy differently than in RG.


Upon a re-watch, it does look like they’re not restricted to flying in 2D.

Speaking of Rebel Galaxy, though, I was really enjoying it a few months back until I got to a point where I had to fight some cultists or other as part of the main story, and they just wiped the floor with me. Do I just have to grind for a better ship/equipment/armor, or is there some technique to fighting them that I’m not aware of?


Definitely have a merc to draw some heat - also blow up any of the ones shooting EMP missiles that slow you down first.


I wonder if the Millennium Falcon will make it into the final product.


I’m not planning on tempting any expensive lawyers by including it, that’s for sure! :)


Shields are the most important - after that it’s best to engage on the fringes by pulling a ship away from the pack, and killing them. If you head in all guns a blazin’, you’re going to go down in flames. But you already know that.


You’re not even selling the jpeg?


It’s essentially Totally Games’ X-Wing updated to current graphics. The shield is a dead giveaway. Missing a bunch of stuff like the engine/shield/laser energy proportions and such but of course it was just a publisher demo to get interest.

Goddamn shame Lucasarts didn’t pick it up. I’ve been saying for well over a decade that a modern X-Wing clone with gamepad controls would be amazing. In fact, the first time I said it, as I recall, I said it would be a great match for XBLA. That’s how long ago it was!


I actually ported several X-Wing missions to it as a test. And there IS proportional power management. (just not visually exposed here)


Sigh, what could have been…

And of course I meant the map/radar not the shield. Only Totally Games did it that way, Wing Commander had a front and rear situational map.


Don’t remember the specific encounter, but if you’re up against a large number of ships you can try to ‘aggro pull,’ draw some of the enemies at a time and dispatch them without engaging the entire group at once.


Can I please be moved to the alternate universe where @tbaldree has the Star Wars license and not EA, thanks.


All the yes to that. I’d love Disney to do a Warhammer style licensing shotgun, rather than tie themselves to EA.

Because Travis doing a modern X-wing gets me all tingly.