Rebel Galaxy


That’s really odd to me. Games are a form of entertainment just like movies, TV, books, and music. I have no idea why someone would hold them to a different standard like that.

You don’t say.



Maybe someone can mod in some frels and fraks. Would get a smile out of me.


Ok, enough talk about words. How about gestures?



Why does that dude have an extra segment/joint on his finger? Should maybe see a doctor about that.



My voice should just be a little audio clip that plays in the dictionary next to the definition for annoying.

I am impressed by and jealous of this man.

Bravo, sir.


War movies often have a lot of bad actors in them.


PAX Prime is 8 days away and I read Double Damage Games will have a booth. Anyone else excited yet?


I’ve been excited for months.




If your excitement lasts for more than four months, see your physician.


Or start a blog and podcast.

I think he’s firmly decided on that one ;)


Jesus that makes me feel old. Wondering how many peeps here have no clue what that is ( I’m well aware there are folks here that make me look like a young pup).



Is that from the old Andy Griffith Show or something, or is it even older? Little Rascals maybe?


Got it in two.


I think I was already drinking and smoking when little rascals first aired…


So were they.


The Little Rascals started up in the 1930’s or something, right? Unless there was a TNG equivalent, no one here is that old, unless there are octo- or nonagenarians in our midst. Or were the old shorts all over TV in the '50s? I was a little kid in the '60s and I don’t remember them being on TV then.