Rebel Galaxy


I can sort of see where you’re coming from, because often swearing is used so laughably badly in game storylines that it’s extremely jarring, and a swear tends to mean “writer is going for edgy” (eg. Beyond Good and Evil 2’s sweary monkey character, any military shooter). There are exceptions though where it sounds just fine, usually in situations where - as Travis says - you’d probably use it yourself. The “shit” in his brief clip above sounds completely normal to me, because that’s exactly how I use it when playing!

Still, there should be a “Tom Chick Swearing Mode” as standard in all games. “Holy cats!” “Shoot a monkey!” Get on it mods.


Oh yea, I forgot to list a couple of my exceptions… because this isn’t a hard rule of mine:

I can’t get enough of Cartman (or Mr. Garrison, or… well… anybody else) cursing in Southpark RPGs like Stick of Truth or its sequel. Its all hilarity to me. Or Bayonetta politely telling enemies to fuck off in the middle of combat.

But yea, one of the reasons it grates on me is because it often seems to come across like someone trying to be edgy rather than more natural, which they seem to be aiming for with Rebel Galaxy. Some of the worst instances are when
Nintendo tries to appeal to an adult audience.


Incidentally, I forgot to mention that UNKNOWN SPACE GAME is looking mighty, mighty fine @tbaldree

Nice to hear some of the sound design as well. Sounds crunchy!


I prefer dialogue that feels like what people would really say, and the vast majority of people I know and see speak with regular curse words.




I have no reservation about @tbaldree’s use of swearing. After Rebel Galaxy I trust him completely.

That said, there’s at least one game I stopped playing after 48 minutes (per Steam) because of the constant swearing. (Cargo Commander) Which probably was realistic for the situation, but was so jarring I found it offputting. That was long before Steam offered refunds, but these days I probably would have asked for one.


I’m kind of surprised at your reaction as I’ve been reading along the thread, but I’m curious to hear more. Serious question: do you feel the same way about cussing in movies, books, and music? If you had an option to watch/read/hear edited versions, would you?

I think I’m the opposite of you. I usually get annoyed when I feel that words that would occur naturally are intentionally omitted. Network TV, for instance, just drives me bonkers. But, really, it’s all about context. In Ni No Kuni II, the translations have characters saying things like “flippin’ heck”, which is appropriate for the totes adorbs animation. But to my mind, any media trying to model a “harder” reality should let loose with f-bombs, s-bombs, h-bombs, d-bombs, b-bombs, and – if the Queen’s subjects are speaking – c-bombs (often referred to as t-bombs on Quarter to Three).



While a twat and a cunt are technically synonyms for the same thing, they are quite different bombs to drop…


I think that depends on the reality in question. One of my pet peeves is modern war movies shoehorning modern mores on profanity into, say, the Somme, or even the Ardennes.


I can give a more thoughtful answer when I’m at a computer (I’m typing my phone), but I can answer briefly here.

No, it’s just games where this bothers me. Cheap dialogue, lyrics, or writing aside, it doesn’t phase me in the least when I see or hear cursing in movies, TV, music, or books. It’s just a games thing for me.

It took me almost two complete viewings of the Battlestar Galactica series to stop rolling my eyes when I noticed them pitching fracks left and right, but that’s because they were substituting “real” words with “fake” words, and that’s a different sort of annoyance for me. Ideally I’d have wanted them to either write around the cursing or just integrate it better and not go crazy with it simply because frack isn’t a real bad word.

(Aside from crappy movies with weak dialogue just tossing N-bombs all over the place) I can only think of one instance off the top of my head where cursing got under my skin, because it really doesn’t tend to bug me anywhere else… and I’m almost apprehensive to show it because it’s always a fan-favorite scene that I’ve seen singled out time and time again… Sorry fans, but it has bugged me since it aired, and re-viewings haven’t changed anything. It’s one of only a handfull of annoyances I’ve had with the The Wire.

The part that bugs me is everything that takes place in the crime scene, not because I don’t get it or because I think it’s weak writing, it just never clicked for me.

NSFW scene from The Wire. Naked butt in photo.


The only time swearing has bothered me in a game is the Burns Flipper dialogue in The Longest Journey. Cringe worthy.


I believe Tom was referring to tapir-bombs. I don’t know the history, only the tradition.


That’s really odd to me. Games are a form of entertainment just like movies, TV, books, and music. I have no idea why someone would hold them to a different standard like that.

You don’t say.



Maybe someone can mod in some frels and fraks. Would get a smile out of me.


Ok, enough talk about words. How about gestures?



Why does that dude have an extra segment/joint on his finger? Should maybe see a doctor about that.



My voice should just be a little audio clip that plays in the dictionary next to the definition for annoying.

I am impressed by and jealous of this man.

Bravo, sir.


War movies often have a lot of bad actors in them.