Rebel Galaxy


Dude gets around.


Now that you’ve changed both avatar and name from old Qt3, I’m going to be completely unable to associate you with your old posts. You basically have a blank slate.


What about that @Scott_Lufkin fellow. He reminds me of this freak I used to know.


His name made me nervous.


Thanks! That seems logical/comfy. :-)

Does Outlaw still have the scanner from the original Rebel Galaxy (back button, if I recall correctly)? I liked that feature, where you can get an up close look of ships, see their stats, hail them, etc.


Yeah, it just works a little differently - you go to the targeting mode, which is more isometric (because everything isn’t planar), but can still scan/lock. Comms are all handled inflight now without pausing with a ship-to-ship radio menu.


Scott is a perfectly normal name.



Sorely tempted…


I love the blueprint posters. They remind me of the manual from the original Wing Commander.


me too!




Some of my most favorite space games are ones where you control ships (including capital ships) from an isometric view. Games of this type include Homeworld, Star Wolves and Nexus: TJI. Homeworld is well-known, but the sequels flopped, and the other two are pretty unknown. Sad. :(


There are also the Starfleet Command games and a few other Star Trek ones (Starfleet Academy is basically Wing Commander-like, Klingon Academy has proper capital ships, Bridge Commander is again more fighter-like, but heftier than Starfleet Academy, and Legacy seems to be what the Starpoint guys used as a base for their games).


And Starshatter. Oh, how I wish we had an updated, extended version of Starshatter.




You can get the fuck out of here. Sir.


I never played the game. I just couldn’t get phrase out of my head once I read the real title. My loss!


Better a Starshatter than a Shatterstar, I always say