Rebel Galaxy


See, the problem with multiple storefronts is that I am on a limited bandwidth and I have to keep on top of any automatic downloads and basically stop them. Steam is really good on this. I can also chat with my son when I’m not at home and he is through Steam.

the other game clients I routinely keep turned off unless one of my friends convinces me to download the latest game on blizzard or Origin or whatever, and then it’s a day wait while I download the latest client and then the latest game patch.

I hate other game clients. There is just no momentum and while it may not keep you up late at night, I really don’t see any benefits of any of these & I just don’t see epic doing any more than what origin / blizzard / uplay do.


The Epic launcher lets you explicitly disable updates on a per-game basis, which is nice.


Guys, guys. How about we take a moment to reflect and remember that things could always be worse - for example Rebel Galaxy being Windows Store exclusive :-)


Is this what is being announced on Tuesday?


The way the streaming ecosystem is starting to fragment into too damn many subscription services*, I may be buying more of those in future!

*I already have Netflix and Amazon Prime, a third may be a bridge too far. Sorry, Disney!


Well, putting it that way… ;)


There is always the option to disable automatic updates and have the software disabled until you are actively going to use it, Steam takes about 20-30 seconds to launch once you click the icon.


Or worse, no Rebel Galaxy Outlaw at all.


Well, I get to enjoy a reverse RDR2 with Outlaw, as I watch people play on other platforms as I wait for the inevitable Xbox release that I know without doubt will be coming along reasonably soonish.


If one lives long enough, one may regret the day that games didn’t come out in big, sexy boxes that you picked up from your local EB.


Those weirdly shaped Tomb Raider boxes…


I kinda already do miss those days. There was a joy to going to the store, thumbing through all the games there to find the one, taking it home and unwrapping it in anticipation, it’s just not the same with digital distribution. Now I’m not saying I would go back necessarily, nor give up the convenience of clicking and downloading a game whenever I want. Just that I kind of miss that experience.




I just wanted to say that it’s absolutely fantastic you guys are taking the risk to launch on the Epic store. Steam has held a virtual monopoly for far too long and anything to try to break that is a positive thing. I also think it’s a brave move judging from the amount of bile and hate on the Steam discussion forums/Reddit. I hope you guys weather the storm and come out with greater profit and a lot of success. You’ll be a day one purchase from me to support the endeavor.


Will this game work with a joystick so that my neglected Logitech Wingman 3D can get plugged in this decade? Or is gamepad recommended?


I prefer gamepad, but it has full HOTAS support.


My gut tells me the Epic store is going to turn into a thing, so good luck to you! They have the money to throw at it, until they get it right, which is the thing that would stop most people. If Epic fails initially, they aren’t likely to just throw in the towel, I have a feeling they will keep trying until they make a go of it.

At any rate, I think people may be overstating how much another store front really deters them…hell, a lot of the people have bought consoles just to play a game. At the end of the day, if the game comes out, gets great reviews, and people are loving it, I doubt many people that were ever going to buy the game anyway will let something like a storefront stop them.

My magic 8 ball says this one’s a winner T.


I will probably use gamepad, but just for old times, does it also support Hands on Keyboard And Stick (HoKAS)?

HoKAS support is usually a given, but Starlancer by Digital Anvil did not support HoKAS well at all. If you used the joystick, it forced you to also use the joystick’s throttle, so on a Microsoft Joystick that meant that every single time I wanted to change the speed, I had to take my left hand off the left side of the keyboard and bring it all the way to the joystick, which was to the right of the keyboard.

It was basically unplayable for me. I tried to make it work to constantly press the button to match speed, but the joystick throttle would sometimes override that, and at other times, I really needed to go slower than the enemy. It was basically a mess.

Edit: So basically the critical thing they did different from all other space sims is that the throttle on Microsoft Joysticks was always enabled, even if you wanted to override that using keyboard commands or ignore the throttle.


There’s no forced throttle mapping.


Curious here. Which gamepad? :)