Rebel Galaxy


I didn’t! I found out right after watching the video above, since I went to his other Twitter profile where I found a big header picture with three audiobooks and the title “Travis Baldree - Audiobook Narrator”. I was even more impressed then, I guess. ;)


I hope “furifying” finds its way to the game proper. I’d love to see it there when I’m playing. It will feel like an inside joke or something. ;)


You may need to revise your definition of ‘well known’ a whoooole lot. :)


All right, where do we line up for Emmy voting?


I think this is the link.


Lol, I’m so sold now. And also because Nacadoches is mentioned in it.


Well, 20 audio books is quite a few, haha. Anyway, I’ve always thought you were pretty great ever since you remade Telengard. I played that game to death on my Apple ][e back in the 80s.



I really am freaking out a bit. This is going to be the coolest announce I have ever done by miles. I sure hope we don’t screw it up.


We can help you test out the messaging, just tell us the secret and we’ll help you find the best way to reveal ;)

Spoiler: it might just be us going OMG OMG OMG


If you want to practice it, we’re all willing to listen ;)


Cock tease.


I’m not worried at the slightest. Why would you be? ;)

Seriously though, I don’t think you have to worry. You made Rebel Galaxy. You think this new game is the best you’ve made. I have no reason to doubt you. ;)



Just practicing.




Damn that looks good.


Please be out in 2018, please be out in 2018.


I hope consoles get aim assist. 😎


Ha ha, an S-bomb! Science fiction needs more cussing. Real cussing. None of this made up “frack” or “nerfherder” nonsense.



I could not possibly agree more.