Rebel Inc: Escalation

I had mentioned this game last year in the developers other thread (Plague Inc) and now that it has been out awhile (but still in Early Access) I have decided to make a thread for it. I tell myself all the time that I make the best threads! So here we are!

With the current sale going on I am gonna pick it up later today, its almost 25% off if you own their previous game.

I can’t speak for PC, but I’ve played dozens of hours on iPad and beaten most of it. Really excellent game that’s had more love from the developer than the revenue probably warrants. It’s more tactical than Plague Inc., in that you can compensate for flaws in your strategy by reacting quickly enough to the insurgency on the map and in your builds (e.g., there are some early tech builds that depend on getting a military unit out right before disaster that many players would struggle with.

My only significant complaint is that the techs you choose don’t really seem to matter enough unless you play on the hardest difficulty, which is probably what it was designed around (this relates to a Tom Chick aphorism, right?)

Best IPad game I have played. It captures the dilemmas of counter-insurgency well.

1.0 dropped this week.

DLC is free for the first month of release, just found out, so like 4 more days!

Oh nice, thank you!

I have it on both Steam and IOS. Best IOS game I have.