Recent air combat sim recommendations?


Is the DCS 2.x fork still considered in Alpha? Does this mean that 1.5x is gone?



No. :)

I thought it would all be “2.5” when finally (if ever) done.


2.5 is the version that will bring the 2.0 version of the caucasus (free) map. It will end the bloody fork, or at least make it less of a break. They are currently squashing bugs and porting the content (missions, training etc) from the 1.5 caucasus to the 2.5 one.

I have been flying 2.2 (nevada) some. It’s so sweet. Looks good, sounds good, runs good with nice smooth frames in VR. And then I tried the Ka-50, found I had forgotten how to Shkval and needed to rerun the training. Fuck! back to choppy ugly-ass 1.5 it is :(

Did you guys catch the news that DCS is going to do away with starforce DRM? so good! They are going with the same style of DRM Il-2 has, where you log in to their servers to get access to your content. Too bad for people without interwebs access. Welcome to the 21st century.

honhonhon! who needs an instructor when you have a pad with chucks guide and a toilet break! I Vikhr’ed the crap out of my targets after a little bathroom study! I <3 the Ka-50. VR and helicopters are a match made in heaven. Heard a rumor Belsimtek (them that built the Mi-8, the sabre and the F-5E) are working on a Mi-24 Hind :D~~~ <drool smily that)


The Harrier has been great for my formation flying skills, since it doesn’t hold your hand at all for air-to-air refueling, and you can’t see the probe when flying. (It’s directly to the left of your head.)

My flight sim time last night was the combat sim equivalent of a mug of hot chocolate: a short takeoff from USS Tarawa, refueling from an S-3, then a 220-nm cross-country flight to Tbilisi-Vaziani to get used to TACAN navigation followed by a vertical landing on the runway.

The Harrier is a ton of fun to fly, even if it isn’t as readily supersonic as the Viggen. Very nice nav/attack systems, and (probably because I’ve flown F-16s so much in Falcon 4) a nice, familiar, American HOTAS/MFD/HUD setup.


IL-2 Cliffs of Dover, Blitz Edition, just showed up on Steam. It’s an official, code-level rebuild of CloD by Team Fusion. It appears as a separate game in your list if you already have CloD.


i will get back to it when and if it supports my cybergoggles. its on their roadmap so yay :)


Well they have given a deadline of sorts for the final merge and second coming of DCS, ie 2.5. By the end of Januari we should all be flying the same version of the sim again.


I’ll believe it after it’s finished downloading.




Lol yeah… when was the first deadline they gave for this? Back in 2015 or something?


right. still happy its happening. signs point to yes this time.


So I picked up Wings over Flanders Fields ultimate edition, which is on sale right now for $36.79.

I’m really dissapointed in this sim. Everyone says it’s great and has a really dynamic campaign and live battlefield, but I did a test flight dogfight and the flight model feels ridiculous. I flew a camel, and you can literally turn 90 degrees and pull back as hard as you want and you’ll just spin in circles without stalling. If you tried that in Rise of Flight you’d almost instantly lose control of your plane.


You pays your money, you makes your choices.

WoFF is all about the single-player experience. Unfortunately, despite the herculean efforts made by the dev team, the underlying engine is still CFS3, which means the flight model errs on the side of player friendliness.

RoF is everything that WoFF is not.



Got an email about this one, looks pretty cool, apparently you’re both pilot and mechanic?

Steam page:


Not sure how arcade-y 303 Squadron will be, but it’s only $13 US to support and there are airplanes in it, so…


I’ll be happier if it’s a pilot sim more than a plane sim, and it looks more in pilot sim territory.


So DCS Hornet is now available for preorder! This will finally be the impetus required to get my lazy ass up off the couch and get VR and my HOTAS setup sorted.

It’s the most excited I have been about simming in years. 2018 just got a whole lot brighter.


So Early Access is six months away. There’s not going to be any missions or campaign, is there? I notice these days they tend to sell them seperately, later. :(


Indeed. But at least they put it up for preorder. I was beginning to think this module had foundered in the Bermuda triangle. As a big fan of the F-18 I take what scraps I can get these days. Not much to be had since the halcyon days of Jane’s F-18…