Recent air combat sim recommendations?


yes they do. viggen substitutes well tho. i need to learn that.


Wow. Now for a dynamic campaign including FPS ground operations, artillery, tanks, etc. all in VR.

One could dream. Maybe they should start selling plane JPGs to fund it. I’d buy a nice F14 wallpaper jpg!


I would love a modern version of this:


Oh very much yes please.


I have been dicking around with the DCS mission editor today, learning about triggers and flags and such.

So after much trial and error and some googlage, I managed to get the Top gun theme to start playing as soon as I closed the canopy of a parked F-5E. #proudasfuck


“Below the hard deck does not count.”

I approve of your mod, sir.


Hard deck my ass. We nailed that son of a bitch


Ok, time to make some new triggers for Danger Zone. ;)


man this thing goes to 11! if i want i could have it play a context-sensitive soundtrack from startup to shutdown :D


Holy crap that would be awesome. We need a short video or something. I quite honestly think you could pull a ton of the Top Gun score (different from the soundtrack) into that kind of setup.

Here’s a list of of the full score on YouTube:


Just strap a cassette deck to your leg like in Iron Eagle.


I had forgotten that one. There are a lot of good movie dogfights to draw music from. Didn’t Iron Eagle have Queen in the soundtrack?


It sure did.


Dude how could I forget One Vision. Excellent tune.


I actually prefer this bit.

This bit is great though:


I’ll see what I can cook up. Fun to see y’all are interested.


Apropos of nothing, what I did for my 40th


That looks incredible fun! You held your lunch?


Yes! Half an hour flight in the back seat of a Spitfire Mk IX trainer. I even got to try my hands (very gingerly) on the controls. Let’s just say I’m never going to complain about how unrealistically small the dead zone is on a flight sim again.

(Also I muttered at the start about how tricky I found taking off on modern prop flight sims because of the rudder and the torque. The pilot agreed and said he could never get the hang of them either.)


That’s a pretty darned awesome 40th!