Recent air combat sim recommendations?


Yeah man, vertical landing in a harrier is by far the hairiest thing I ever done in a simulated aircraft. Unlike a helicopter you have almost no power reserve. It’s also unstable and squirrely as hell, despite all the Stability Augmentation Systems. Fun times. (Day) Carrier traps in the hornet are easy joyrides compared to this.

Actually the zuni’s are mad accurate in the harrier. I can zap things with single shots with those. It’s the hydras that go all over the place. Big salvoes and a cluster bomb effect are obviously the way to do hydra.
It’s odd that rockets differ so much between aircraft. In the hornet the hydras are far less hilarious and its impossible to do the single shot zap with the zunis. odd. like they do not share the same weapon files.


It’s entirely possible they don’t. There are a number of duplicate weapons between modules, especially between ED modules and the rest.


Funny bug in the bug: you can’t turn off the radar. That means you are not sneaking up on anybody rocking an RWR (IE anybody).

I have a little practice scenario where you go up against two F-4E’s armed with AIM-9M and AIM-7Ms. This thing is far easier in the F-5E with the radar turned off. You go low and fast. Curve up when they are overhead and blast the tail off the wingman and then BFM lead for a turn or two until you get guns on.

Should be even easier in the Hornet, but it isn’t. They always know you are coming and give you a hot reception with a sidewinder to the face.

I cant attach the mission because this forum only allows me to attach pictures. So here’s a cat.




Some glamor shots from after air-to-air refueling practice.

Why practice air-to-air refueling? Because I ran out of gas trying to hit the tanker in an actual mission.


Me summarizing the Mudspike forum thread on Air to air refuelling:

" So what you are saying is:

Get close to her. Appreciate her beauty. Get comfortable being intimate with her.

And then you plug it in :blush:

Edit: If you still have trouble plugging it in, it might help to grease your hog. (see below)

sage advice man, if only I’d had known back when I was 17."

I have only managed a microplug, for like a second or so. (just the tip, ok?) so I have a lot to learn before I can reliably refuel my machine. PIO is a bitch. And there’s a bunch of other things to do in the sim that I find more fun. (carrier traps! blowing shit up! neeeeaaaaoowwrrr!)


I 100% cheat in the Harrier. The real procedure doesn’t call for speed brakes or flaps. I set STOL flaps so I have more throttle room to work with. Since the Harrier’s stupid probe is out of forward line of sight, I use some line-up tricks. Put the heading caret on the edge of the prop disc for the KC-130 or the center of the engine nacelle for the S-3, and fly the Ready light on the refueling status panel right at the middle of the basket just above the hose. Look left to watch the probe go into the drogue.

It still takes me three or four attempts, even when I’m doing well. In the same vein as Mudspike’s remarks, for PC simmers, refueling is an exercise in seeing how little your joystick will respond to.


I think that’s my best landing in a sim ever. I was aiming for the helicopter centerline, not the runway centerline, as a bit of a personal challenge.


Impressive! Now try landing a MiG-21 intact lol. I haven’t managed that (consistently) yet. Just the one or two occasional landings that did not end up with a prang.


I used to have a pretty good grasp on it, back in the day. The trick is that you absolutely can’t cut the throttle below a certain setting, because that turns off your blown flaps and kills what little lift your stubby delta wings make. Also, half of the runways in Georgia are too short for the MiG anyway.

Very different creature than the Harrier, that’s for sure.


Huh, Perhaps I should use that to stop from bouncing on touchdown. That’s my problem, like a taildragger with tundra tires my balalaika tends to go right back up on touchdown, with an AoA to scare an F/A-18 and then plop back onto the runway in a fashion its landing gear is not built for.


Well I guess it’s time…
Didn’t realise it was still early access though. When is this thing due to be finished?



RAZBAM, the guys making the harrier (and the mirage) said they intend to finish up the harrier this year. It is prety damn near done tho. Definately worth the 35 bucks. There’s considerable crossover between harrier and hornet, in their cockpit layouts and the way their MFD’s work. Some of the more esoteric things such as guiding your own laser guided bombs are still a bit wonky. Landing, taking off and shooting stuff all works fine tho. Bombs, rockets, maverick missiles andweird radar-seeking sidewinders. The harrier gun is pretty good, almost as fun as the A-10s except that the harrier is an actual honest-to-god fast jet. Soon it will receive a campaign and training missions.

They also announced they got the license to do the F-15E! Mudhen! Also on their roadmap are a couple of MiGs; the -19 and the -23.
The latter especially should be interesting as it has swing wings, a rough-field landing gear, 70s avionics and a whole slew of dangerous aerodynamic quirks. I mean just look at it:


Such a baddass plane.


Harrier and Viggen added! Just missing the Mirage, a couple of trainers, and a couple helicopters now.

If only I didn’t have to spend 10+ minutes configuring my controller for every single plane.


eh… at first the controller-fidling irritated the crap out of me too, even drove me away from DCS for a bit. Then I decided to man up, be a proper member of the PC gaming masterrace and dig in.

Now every day I’m in there hustling, hustling. tweaking .lua left and right, getting labels controls radars radios and vr all set up just so. and thats when im not dicking around with triggers and zones and things in the mission editor.

But mostly I just hit fly at least once a day and enjoy slipping the surly bonds of earth and soaring among sun kissed halls of cloud.


That’s great news! I am interested in all of those. The mig-23 is utterly unique in that I have never seen a simulation of that ever.


yup almost as exotic as the viggen. really lookin forward to it as im reading about the constant peg programme.


Article or book?