Recent air combat sim recommendations?


No doubt a great feature, but sometimes awkward. I’m thinking being able to hit a button will be faster, As long as it’s in a predictable location you can learn while wearing the goggles.


If Facetracknoir doesn’t work out the way you hoped, try looking into

It’s as good as TrackIR for a fraction of the cost and it uses the PS3 camera you already own. :)


il-2 Sturmovik is on special offer over the weekend - 66% off the base game and other savings on various bits of DLC.


One thing I’ve found about this throttle is it tends to stick a bit. Fortunately, it is dead easy to open, just 8 easy screws on the bottom, and with a little silicon oil you can buy at any hardware store you can smooth out the rails. It now slides smoothly for minute adjustments.

I REALLY want a warthog, but can’t quite justify the 500. After that, the 16000 one is just about perfect. Has a ministick, paddles, rotary dial, plenty of hats… I like it better than my CH one.


I agree about the throttle, it’s something I noticed straight away. I’ll have to try the silicon oil on it sometime. Otherwise, I am very happy with the combo! So many different kinds of buttons, the stick feels very nice too.

Random Q for those who play IL-2: Is there any way to change the default zoom level? Every time I start the mission I have to zoom out several times to get a view that is reasonable.


Well I bit the bullet and bought a lightly used Warhog on ebay for $300. Of course as soon as I did I searched for all the reasons I shouldn’t and read a bunch of posts saying the mini-nub slew stick doesn’t work well. This works great on both CH and 16000 so now I’m a bit concerned, but everything else points to stellar piece of kit. It arrives on Thursday.

The main issue I’m having in DCS is identifying targets in VR. It is hard in a regular monitor and VR resolution really poses an issue. The situational awareness of the “being there” factor does help over a monitor, so I would say it is just a bit harder.

I read somewhere that you could edit labels in a .lua file. I’m thinking if it’s possible to make the label just a red dot with no text that might be a worthwhile helper. Regular labels aren’t so great because they completely obscure the actual target and are much bigger.

Now we are in PC master race hackery territory. Worth it for me though. Every time I jump into this thing I’m blown away at how realistic the flight is.


There are a few tutorials about labels like that on the ED forums somewhere—little dots of a color of your choice, which appear at a reasonable range.

At the end of the 1.5 branch, there was a BMS-like model expansion setting, which rendered far-off planes at a larger size, to match how easy it actually is to see traffic, but they got rid of that with 2.5.


Speaking of traffic, I had no idea that was a thing until recently. I ended up picking up the Persian Gulf map and was tooling around in free flight. I ran out of fuel. I decided to attempt a street landing. The sun had just gone down. Suddenly I realized below me were cars with headlights driving along the highway in both directions. Freaked me out and I ended up plowing into the road right in front of one of them. Alas, he drove through, rather than stopping or going around.

Still, I’ve never seen that in a combat sim before and thought it was very cool. Little touches like that make a huge difference. I read that they were adding cows. I’m all for it.


The Persian Gulf map is pretty great. One of the things it’s done for me is drive home how narrow the Strait of Hormuz is. “Oh, I’m already in Iran. Oops.”


I don’t know what’s gotten into me. Firing up Hornet with VR for the first time re-energized a love for combat sims that had been dormant for a long time. I’ve had A-10C forever and never put in more than an hour. Last night fired it up in VR and boom! Now I gotta learn, and with a desert map no less. I love the manuals of yore so decided to do that 670 page PDF manual justice. Sent it in for print. Not bad really, hardcover and in color for $35 at lulu express.

Then I checked out Amazon prime day. I found a 1080 EVGA for $500 down from $650. I bought it. Then I went on DCS forums and read that 1080 still won’t cut the mustard and I needed a 1080ti. Then I realized I was fucking insane for spending 500 on a 2 year old card and unbought it. No way I’m ponying 700 for the TI. Shortly after unbuying it, they sold out and it went back up to $670, but I’m satisfied with that choice.

Gonna make my 970 last until next gen, or until I can find a 1080 for 350-400.

For the record, Hornet is still better =P


BTW, there’s now a Thrustmaster 16000 bundle that includes their pedals too. I replaced my Logitech 940 with it. Really love it, other than it needing both front USB ports.


Early Access version of Flying Circus is now available:

Looks like the early access version only has two planes initially, with the rest to come later.


$70 and that is with a $10 discount? Ouch.


Totally agree - it’s a revelation and has brought me back to flight simming with a vengeance. When I want to relax after a tough day at work flying in VR does the trick. The sense of “being there” unwinds me like few other things.

Why does a 1080 not “cut the mustard”? Seems pretty OK to me…


The DCS forums like all game forums are festering pit of stupidity mingled with the occasional pearl of genius modding.

I drive a 1070 and VR and am quite content with the performance I’m getting.


Let’s be honest. We’re all going to land up buying it no matter what it costs because it’s our only option for WW1 in VR. They have us by the short and curlies! It’s the only way to relive my childhood Biggles obsession…


I shoulda asked about the card here.

Still, $500 is a lot for a 1080, and the 970 will serve will I learn. Won’t hurt to wait (never does with these things).

On the other hand I received the Warthog I bought from E-bay today and am in total awe. I never should have waited on this thing.


@schurem I think you mentioned upthread you had a Warthog Hotas? I am just floored by this thing. Of course I did my internet research and read lots of posts complaining of the plastic gimbal in the stick and the need to grease it. Same posts also said what a piece of mediocre kit it is compared to their esoteric import jobbies.

My question. Did you, ahem, grease your Warthog? Do you think it is necessary? I hate to open the thing if I can help it…


Wow. A lot of complaining about a premium stick! Never had to grease mine :) it’s about as good as sticks get. I stopped using it and bought an X-55 as I moved houses and didn’t want to screw my rudder pedals into the nice wooden floor.

I am dying to get the thrustmaster hornet HOTAS that is in the works though…


Well, maybe as good as mass-produced consumer sticks get. :)

The ‘esoteric import jobbies’ are the next step up (look up VKB and VirPil).