Recent air combat sim recommendations?


Just a quick update on Time Pilot.

Dev is actually going quicker than I thought it would. B-17 bombing raids and skies filled with flak are working well. The first mission will put you in an F5. Scoring conditions will allow you to “upgrade” your plane. Mum on the story, but that will be the highlight, hopefully putting a bit of “soul” into the endeavor.

Without doubt, I suck at this game, but skill aside, it is surprising difficult to take out 109s when your Tiger is loaded with rockets and bombs. Makes for an interesting choice and some challenge for the first mission. Do you simplify taking out the air threat, or do you bite the bullet, and then have plenty of ordinance to spend on the wealth of Nazi ground targets? You want an upgrade, better be the latter…

Good stuff. Very cool that the platform allows us to run so wild with our imagination and make something decent (relative term of course). In any case, my son and I are really having a blast.


Finally, the spiritual sequel to Chuck Yeager’s Air Combat we’ve all been waiting for!

Okay, I’ve been waiting for.

Still remember how many tries it took me to shoot down an F-4 using a P-51…


Is it too soon to ask about the MiG-21, Ka-50, Su-25, and Flanker sequel, Time Pilot 2: Red Strike? Just wondering.


Although my core interest is firmly with modern jets you have piqued my interest enough to buy the Normandy map and look at the spitfire. No pressure!


Really looking forward at having a go!

Have you found out how to include sound bits into your missions?


Me too - I spent a lot of time practising against B17s on a F4 :o)


In theory, altough haven’t tested yet.

At this point we have an active WW2 battlefield, tons of juicy targets and gameplay loop/structure taking into account scoring and goals.

This weekend I hope to flesh out with some more infrastructure / targets (based on other missions I looked at ~600 units is reasonable as long is late activation is judiciously used), put in a few easter eggs and then finalize the script. Also I’d like to see what I can do with some randomization. This is possible on a limited bases with the use of flags, etc.

Since A.I. as a character will be involved (lol) the hardest part will be to record all the dialogue, filter it, and then set it up with triggers. I’ll see if I can’t get my daughter involved to do a Shodan-esque performance. The good news, is that since Time Pilot is solo in this mission (not later ones), I don’t have to worry about JTAC, coordinated strikes, and the associated radio triggers. I’d say doing those, and getting them realistic is the real trick for a traditional mission.

So far, and most importantly, it’s really fun to build and play.

@midnight.mangler Normandy is awesome (need the WW2 assets!). Even if Time Pilot ends up sucking, as no doubt it will, the investment is solid. Spit is also fun. Nobody does fidelity like DCS and having such an iconic plane with that kind of cockpit and flight model is well worth it.

@Fishbreath You are going to cost me more money! Of COURSE the other side needs a go, and the Ka-50 in particular would be perfect for this. I’m thinking of something like “Time Pilot: Red-emption”.


No worries - I am absolutely sure that even in the unlikely event that “Time Pilot: Nostradamus Strike Squadron” does not meet my lofty expectations I will get my money’s worth out of the spit and Normandy. ;)


ED should take note. @Anklebiter, you are selling spitfires left and right like you are Mr Roberts selling spaceships :P


In this week’s beta update the hornet gained the AIM-9X thuper sidewinder that can make insane bat turns and blast fokkers in positions that no ordinary sidewinder could.

Also most of the AMRAAM functionality is in now, except the RWS mode. We now get a count down telling us when you can break lock as the missile has gone active.

There’s some sweet updates to the RWS (radar warning system) that allows you to put RWS info on the HUD.

These guys are running full bore on their baby, and that’s while also releasing and patching a civvy plane (the YaK-52) and doing bugfixes to the general sim.

I have been priveleged to be able to see what @anklebiter is working on. Y’all are in for a treat!


Alright! School started this week for the kids, but we still found the time to finish audio for the first Time-Pilot mission, “A Day at the Beach”. This one puts you in an F-5E in the Normandy map killing lots of Nazi’s with a backdrop of lovely B-17 bombing raids and a story pulled straight from the annals of military history.

@Schurem was kind enough to test early versions; I hope we were able to address most of the performance issues he flagged. It should still be considered “Beta” (also known as sucky), but hopefully is fun. I really wanted to get it into the hands of anybody who might be interested. You can download it here along with reading a more detailed description.

The end is a bit abrupt, as we haven’t tied it into the rest of the campaign, but the guts and most of the skin is there. Go git dem Nazis!!


I don’t know if you’ve mentioned this at all at the main DCS forums, but if you do, please link the thread so I can bask in the indignant nerdrage it’s sure to attract there.

Now, if only I had Normady…


I’d buy it for you if I could. It’s a great map. The detail in the towns is just unreal for a flight sim.

We are debating posting on the official forums. Not super interested in exposing the kids to the type of hostility I’ve seen over the years in the simming world, but they do moderate pretty tightly there. See how it goes on Mudspike and here first…

In the meantime, working on the next missions. A-10C and Hornet (depending on how well you do in this one). So much fun!


If your kids are involved, skipping the official forums is the right move, unless you’re looking to demonstrate that old men on the Internet are nitpicky jerks.


So starting September 5 DCS will have the pack of 4 helicopters on sale for $70:

If you already own some of the helicopters you won’t be getting any discount if you buy the pack, but apparently you can gift specific modules to another account.

If anyone wants to go splitsies with me when the sale starts let me know. I’m not fussy on which ones I end up with, but I think getting all 4 myself is a bit overkill since I don’t even know how I will enjoy helis relative to planes.


I have all the helicopters except the Gazelle, so I’d be happy to go in $18 to get that if folks want to split a pack. :)


I believe the preferred term is “military aviation enthusiasts” :)


If anything ever justified the expense, @Anklebiter’s work does.


I’ll be keen to do that with you, unless there’s someone who wants to split it 2/2. I’ll PM you when the sale starts!

On a related note, anyone have recommendations on which heli module is best for a beginner??


UH-1H as it is iconic, has little gizmo’s to speak of and will teach you proper whirlybirding.
Ka-50 is weird, odd and alien. Once you get the hang of it it’s a remarkably easy to fly and fight machine. This machine has almost the most diverse mission set of the bunch. Blackshark is by far the most powerful of these four. It’s also due for a cockpit overhaul to all the new 2.5 graphics shinyness.
Mi-8 is the most challenging to fly of these machines. Empty it has plenty power, but will easily get you in a deadly vortex ring state or have you settling with power like the overfed babushka it is. On the other hand it can bring the boom as well as do transport stuff, so a very diverse mission set here too.
Gazelle is the one chopper I don’t own. Its small and superbly agile. I do want one, in due time.

If I were you, get the huey. because of this: