Recent air combat sim recommendations?


I’ve got a great story planned, and am toying with the whole time idea to allow unlimited ammo at some point… maybe as an “unlock”.

I mean can’t let a silly thing like lack of bullets prevent the sacred duty of killing natzis (with a short a and hard t). See how far I get.


The Normandy map gets a big thumbs up. I set up a Blue Angel hornet at 500 ft and 600 knots and set waypoints around the map. This is a great way to get a feel for the map because you can zoom close in and way way out and just watch it go.

Firstly, it’s flat. That’s important to know. The detail is wonderful. Little towns nestled against the coast and separated by checkered fields outlined by lines of trees. Civilized rural Europe. The tree technology is great. Close ground textures great. Cities great. Water great.

The only thing that isn’t so great is the waves. They just aren’t there yet. The edge of the water just kindof wobbles. I think my settings are on high.

if this is early access and they will continue adding, then I am very happy.

MOST importantly, the flat nature of the map will allow me to set ripe concentrations of Nazi’s for an A-10 to pluck with clusters and brrrt. On a gtx970 (no VR for initial demo… i’m on my laptop streaming through steam) frames are just fine. I’m glad I waited on the 1080 as prices are plummeting. $420 for a brand new EVGA on Amazon right now! I’m guessing next gen is around the corner, and I will be able to pile together an absolutely satisfying concentration of Hornet fodder. Probably do a bunch of ships to give the Viggen something to do.

Of course this will all have a perfectly reasonable explanation. Now to check out the WW2 victims. I mean assets.


The Viggen has tons of fun options beyond antiship missiles, too. I’m already looking forward to dropping a stick of bombs on a column of Tigers.


Assets look good. Even some weird balloon thingy. I should be able to give your Viggen some food in fairly short order (in DCS world terms)


Ok, I’m going to re-access my Normandy impression from happy to holy shit this is insane. The level of detail they put in here is off the charts.

From here as a totally acceptable low level flyover;

To here when zooming in (or crashing)

I suppose with the likes of Skyrim or Witcher 3 I shouldn’t be so surprised, but you just don’t expect this in your flight sim.


Sorry to spam the thread, but I’m excited. Looks like 88 flak guns are well modeled. This means that Time Pilot won’t have a pure cakewalk. Wonder what they can do against a target flying 800 knots. Guess we’ll find out.


Problem with one man, one jet is there’s no Jet A once you run the tanks dry.

There’s a reason The Final Countdown used an aircraft carrier. Future gas and ammo.


Are you saying it’s a race against time?

Oh my goodness I can’t believe I haven’t heard of that movie before, I have to watch it now!

Honest question: If you land a Hornet on a 1944 Normandy airstrip in DCS can you request refuel/rearming?


Count me amongst those three other people. I will happily test and critique your work. I think levity and humor work really well in the very serious world of combat flight simulators. You have my backing, be sure.

I would also like to refer you to my bro’s at and the forum there. There’s a couple of dudes there who can lend a hand with scripting troubles. I am also quite certain your premise will be well received, and you might get some suggestions on how the real navy™ would handle this scenario.


Yeah, English Channel means a carrier is in. I’ve also got a plan for the Hogs and Viggens.

I really like the Normandy map. It serves a highly specific purpose, so you have to understand that going in, but it does so quite well. If not full price, I would say a no-brainer during the next sale.

Of course, along with base DCS, the entry to play Time Pilot will be:

  • Hornet
  • A-10C
  • Viggen
  • Spitfire
  • F5
  • Persian Gulf map
  • Normandy Map
  • WWII Assets

I really want to make it appeal to those heavily into highly realistic flight sims and have already made the investment. I fully expect the most serious squadrons to honor the work as the holy grail of campaigns. Perhaps the US Navy will pick it up and use it as a training vehicle to cover all contingencies.

lol, I’ll shut up about it now and get to work. I tend not to finish stories where I talk too much up front. Gonna take awhile.


Just a quick update on Time Pilot.

Dev is actually going quicker than I thought it would. B-17 bombing raids and skies filled with flak are working well. The first mission will put you in an F5. Scoring conditions will allow you to “upgrade” your plane. Mum on the story, but that will be the highlight, hopefully putting a bit of “soul” into the endeavor.

Without doubt, I suck at this game, but skill aside, it is surprising difficult to take out 109s when your Tiger is loaded with rockets and bombs. Makes for an interesting choice and some challenge for the first mission. Do you simplify taking out the air threat, or do you bite the bullet, and then have plenty of ordinance to spend on the wealth of Nazi ground targets? You want an upgrade, better be the latter…

Good stuff. Very cool that the platform allows us to run so wild with our imagination and make something decent (relative term of course). In any case, my son and I are really having a blast.


Finally, the spiritual sequel to Chuck Yeager’s Air Combat we’ve all been waiting for!

Okay, I’ve been waiting for.

Still remember how many tries it took me to shoot down an F-4 using a P-51…


Is it too soon to ask about the MiG-21, Ka-50, Su-25, and Flanker sequel, Time Pilot 2: Red Strike? Just wondering.


Although my core interest is firmly with modern jets you have piqued my interest enough to buy the Normandy map and look at the spitfire. No pressure!


Really looking forward at having a go!

Have you found out how to include sound bits into your missions?


Me too - I spent a lot of time practising against B17s on a F4 :o)


In theory, altough haven’t tested yet.

At this point we have an active WW2 battlefield, tons of juicy targets and gameplay loop/structure taking into account scoring and goals.

This weekend I hope to flesh out with some more infrastructure / targets (based on other missions I looked at ~600 units is reasonable as long is late activation is judiciously used), put in a few easter eggs and then finalize the script. Also I’d like to see what I can do with some randomization. This is possible on a limited bases with the use of flags, etc.

Since A.I. as a character will be involved (lol) the hardest part will be to record all the dialogue, filter it, and then set it up with triggers. I’ll see if I can’t get my daughter involved to do a Shodan-esque performance. The good news, is that since Time Pilot is solo in this mission (not later ones), I don’t have to worry about JTAC, coordinated strikes, and the associated radio triggers. I’d say doing those, and getting them realistic is the real trick for a traditional mission.

So far, and most importantly, it’s really fun to build and play.

@midnight.mangler Normandy is awesome (need the WW2 assets!). Even if Time Pilot ends up sucking, as no doubt it will, the investment is solid. Spit is also fun. Nobody does fidelity like DCS and having such an iconic plane with that kind of cockpit and flight model is well worth it.

@Fishbreath You are going to cost me more money! Of COURSE the other side needs a go, and the Ka-50 in particular would be perfect for this. I’m thinking of something like “Time Pilot: Red-emption”.


No worries - I am absolutely sure that even in the unlikely event that “Time Pilot: Nostradamus Strike Squadron” does not meet my lofty expectations I will get my money’s worth out of the spit and Normandy. ;)


ED should take note. @Anklebiter, you are selling spitfires left and right like you are Mr Roberts selling spaceships :P


In this week’s beta update the hornet gained the AIM-9X thuper sidewinder that can make insane bat turns and blast fokkers in positions that no ordinary sidewinder could.

Also most of the AMRAAM functionality is in now, except the RWS mode. We now get a count down telling us when you can break lock as the missile has gone active.

There’s some sweet updates to the RWS (radar warning system) that allows you to put RWS info on the HUD.

These guys are running full bore on their baby, and that’s while also releasing and patching a civvy plane (the YaK-52) and doing bugfixes to the general sim.

I have been priveleged to be able to see what @anklebiter is working on. Y’all are in for a treat!