Recent air combat sim recommendations?


Yeah I can read my cockpit just fine. Most of it. Some of the smaller labels in the mirage pit remain indecipherable but the things that matter are fine. Just hold the screen close enough to your face that it covers about half your field view :p

I have dabbled in helicoptrism but not mastered any of these whirlybeasts to any degree. Trim’s the word tho. Listen to the man. He be right.


Thanks alot, I am already getting alot better. The tip of setting the trim prior to running up the collective was especially good.

I also thought this video was great, supposedly by one of the Huey pilots Belsimtek used as a consultant:

He talks about the key to stable flight being anticipating the corrections needed and re-centering the cyclic before the helicopter fully responds to your correction (if that makes sense), I think that idea is closely related to what you were saying about tapping the cyclic to correct as opposed to holding it (which will lead to terrible overreactions which was one of the things ruining me before).

Good fun!


Making some solid progress with the Huey over here:


hey, it aint burning and is mostly in one piece…


Looks like the grass got a good trim too.


Did you walk out of that? Because if you did, it was a good landing. ;)


“There are three rules to successfully landing a helicopter. Unfortunately no one knows what they are.”


Planes have beautiful wings, they seduce the air into carrying them aloft. Helicopters operate differently; they just beat the air into submission


Ever since I found out about the Jesus bolt, I’ve never trusted choppers.


Fixed one issue with my Huey landings, the helicopter now lands upright. One issue to go…


Pffft, the ground crew can handle that.


What are you doing that’s causing the rotor to come off?


It’s a good question, I think it might be because the cyclic is pressed strongly in a random direction when I am landing, and so the angled rotor somehow collides with the ground. I come in with some speed too which never helps.


Why not stabilize a bit before landing, try to get out of that PIO(1) (stop “stirring the pot”) and then gently let it down? Short measured movements of the cyclic, and try arresting your motions by going left, right a short slight bit before center.

(1) PIO : Pilot Induced Oscilation. The machine banks left, the pilot corrects by feeding in right cyclic, but overdoes it, leading the machine to bank right. Now he feeds in cyclic left to arrest the movement and correct it. This leads to a swaying motion that can, if not checked increase in amplituted until the situation becomes untenable and bits start coming off.


Yeah that’s true… The trouble is that I always feel like I am battling against that state in the helicopter where you drop like a rock suddenly, I forget what it’s called, is that vortex ring state? I need to fix the way I approach the landing point, and I think then when I flare at the end it won’t cause so much commotion.

My best landing so far was actually when I approached a runway like a plane and let the skids live up to their name.


There’s two ways to flub your landing with too much vertical velocity (IE coming down too hard)

One is settling with power. You are coming down and you pull collective to arrest you descent rate but there just is not enough powerrrrr and the machine goes crunch.

The other is a vortex ring. You are coming down without much horizontal (forward, sideways or backwards) velocity and they blades are having to deal with their own downwash. This makes them far less effective at carrying you, and to add insult to injury, pulling more power will only exacerbate the situation! When that happens, a little sideslip (stick and rudder, coordinated and immediately arrested!) will get you out of the vortex ring. Or just push forward, get some speed on the bird. Go around and try again.

The trick to landing a huey is to take it slow and careful. Be gentle. You do not have a huge power reserve and no magical russian flight computer to take care of the wobbles. Take it easy. Gentle. Easy… easy… there.

Once you have five hundred landings and a thousand hours on the bird you get to throw it around and slide it in like in the movies.


The Huey is very sensitive to zero or negative G because of a phenomenon called mast bumping, where the rotor smacks into the rotor mast and pops the jesus nut off.

Rolling landings are perfectly acceptable. That’s why the Russian helicopters have wheels.

Vortex ring state is the one. The important thing to remember is that you’re particularly vulnerable to it when slowing down. Above a certain speed, you’re in what’s called the effective translational lift regime, where the airflow from the helicopter’s forward motion is sufficient to provide extra lift over the blades. As you slow down, you lose translational lift, so you have to add a big whack of power all at once, or else you start descending fast just as you’re getting into the state where VRS can happen. Watch your variometer as you’re slowing down and concentrate on maintaining a steady descent (or steady altitude, depending).


I just took a short hop in the huey and i am rusty Broke three helicopters in quick succession, one flight even ending in a flaming crater! So hey, you aint doin so bad! :P

Been spendin’ far too much of my simming time in the MiG-15. Such a joyous little thing that.


Sky Knights on Steam!

…well okay, it’s really more of a jet based MOBA, but it’s the Top Gun MOBA you never knew you needed!


You lost me at MOBA.