Recent air combat sim recommendations?


Yes. Looking forward to the 2080 pushing things even harder. The 1070 is good, but the 2080 will be a nice jump.


My 1070 will have to make do for at least a year more. Do tell of the glory that is a fully operational 2080 :)

I have been messing with a thingie calledVoice Attack and a plugin for that called VAICOM. Both are payware, in that the functionality needed to really get them to work is behind a paywall. The good thing is that those paywalls are very low indeed, a tenner for voiceattack and like six bucks for the VAICOM DCS scripts.

What it does is use windows speech recognition to take over from the DCS comms menu. So instead of pressing \ then F2, then F1 in order to get your flight to attack bandits, you can just push your red radio talk button and say “Attack Bandits” and the flight responds with a hail of missiles. It. is. Awesome.

It also does take a liberal dose of 1337 PC masterrace hackery. Not only do you need to read at least three paragraphs of boring text to your computer to get it accustomed to your voice and diction, you also need to read all 480+ of VAICOM’s “words” (things like Bandit and Request Landing) to it. The installer did not work as described in the manual so I had to revert to manual installation of the scripts into DCS. This meant copy-pasting reams of code into certain files in the DCS folders.

And now I tell my ground crew “ground power on” and all the blinky things in the cockpit go on. Then I say “ATC request engine start” and the tower tells me sure go ahead and crank 'em. And so on.

Of course I also added some extra bits. For example I added a command “Recenter goggles” that tells voiceattack to press CTRL-ALT-SHIFT-V for a tenth of a second. Then I told DCS that those keys in that chord means VR re-center. Same for pressing G, as I don’t often bind that to my HOTAS, but it almost always works. That one has two voice commands, “wheels up” and “wheels down” and that works too. So sweet.

VR - Is it really going to be a success? Or, thanks Time for starting a discussion!

Sorry to rehash this if you already mentioned it up thread, but what VR setup do you guys use?


Not sure exactly what you mean… but I use Oculus Rift, and a Logitech G940 HOTAS. No special seat or mounting, I just stick stuff on my desk.


I use Voice Attack with Elite Dangerous. I will have to take a look at the vaicom plugin.


Yeah that’s what I meant, what hardware did you choose for VR.


I have 7700k, 1080ti, 32GB RAM.


A 1070 drives my rift, along with an I7 4970K and 32gigs o’ ram. I fly the aircraft using a warthog HOTAS sitting on a desk which is eminently suboptimal but alas and a saitek plastic rudder pedal set under the desk. I use a sweet beyerdynamic headset for the sounds and the rift built in mic for the voice stuff. umm… what else? yeah its windows 10 and the system has two SSD’s, one for the OS, one that contains the sim.

My dream is to get rid of the desk in lieu of a cockpit-ish setup. I want an extension on that stick and mount it between the knees. I want the throttle at thigh level. And I want this sweet pointing device.


What sort of a profile do you use for ED? I tried looking for one but that’s a jungle of far more complicated and involved stuff than I want or need.


I bought one of the HCS voice packs, and they come with a profile:


I can vouch for the Brian Blessed one.




Bit out of my price range.


It looks like I might get to enjoy it tomorrow instead of Tuesday. One of the benefits of living in Arizona, is that most things ship from California, and get here relatively quickly. Not same day like Amazon :), but still pretty nice. The card is already in town, so it just depends if UPS goes ahead and delivers it tomorrow, or waits a day.


I bet you are excited like a kid on xmas eve :D

I’m currently flying the Mirage 2K campaign missions. Been doing fine until the first one where I actually meet serious opposition; Of course I ended up a flaming wreck first chance I got :/


Somehow I missed this post, that’s really cool! Does it cancel the in-game pilot’s voice as well, like when you say “ground power on” do you then hear the game saying “Chief, turn the ground power on”?


Yeah you can tell VAICOM to surpress the pilots’ voice.

Me: “chief, ground power on”
game: (tiny beep indicating it understood the command) “wilco, ground power on”
Me: “tower, request engine start”
Game: (beep) “cleared for startup wind 270 for 6, active runway is 32, QFE 956”

and so on.

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