Recent air combat sim recommendations?


A little bit of real MiG-29K action, shared by a Russian pilot:

(Caption: “What happens in the sky stays in the sky.”) That glass cockpit is pretty snazzy. Also, I should take the new PFM MiG-29 for a spin.


Shocking, isn’t it.

For full fat modules, the community has picked up the slack in a big way.

YouTube is your friend for FC3.


Also experimentation. But yeah, without youtube I would neve rhave found out how to land the MiG-29. 170-ish on touchdown and keep the nose up a little longer. let it come down gently.

The other FC3 crates are far easier to land. Just plop em down at about the speed they came unstuck. Su-33 is a special case, cause you get to do it on a carrier!

Oooh what does this button do?!


I tried the Su-33 yesterday, but I couldn’t get it off the carrier. The lack of wheel chocks means you lose precious time because the wheel brakes can’t stop it from moving on afterburner, so I’d put it in the ocean every time.


Mind, you can only takeoff from the carrier with about 55% fuel and a reduced load of boom. There’s also a button you can press for extra uber afterburner maximum forzazh powaaaah!

Yeah its hard.

You know what’s hard as well? landing a MiG-29 without fucking up.

If only they could all have the mirage 2K’s aproach hud. That thing is a marvel of ingenuity in interface design

heh, speaking of parking, my screenshot section is almost exclusively perfectly parked jets:

Ok that last one isn’t lined up as neatly as it should be, but I was in a fucking hurry, ok?!


Howdy folks. I thought I’d offer a Time Pilot update as it amuses me. Perhaps someday it will amuse one or two of you as well; we will see.

The last Hornet shot of Schurems post above was Time Pilot mission number 5. This one has more action built in than probably is good for the engine, but amazingly it seems to run OK.

Number 6 is another Hornet mission. Now that we have gone and grabbed a carrier and brought it back to Normandy 1944 it’s time to up the Nazi attrition. Next week they release the Hornet helmet mounted display system, which means you can look around you, lock up, and shoot with 9x sidewinders anything you see. Perfect! Number 6 will be a Turkey shoot. Going to need unlimited weapons for this one, and it will be timed, but exactly how many 109s and 190s would it be possible to shoot down in a Hornet? Guess we are going to find out… perhaps put in bonus points for making a complex pattern with missile trails…

Probably going to cut the Viggen. I mean, I LOVE the Viggen, but it is just so different from the other jets. That leaves F-5, Hornet, A-10, and god help us how could we not include the Tomcat. That won’t be out for awhile, so we have time to breathe.

The story is going great, and mission building is fine, but good lord are the details a bitch. I’d estimate we are less than 10% of the way through the project with 12 missions planned. Spend a lot of nights and weekend time on it already.

How in the world do you indy devs manage game creation? What a huge slog! I can already feel that resolve starting to slip. I mean the world needs Time Pilot (I think), and we are still having fun, but holy hell.

Roger Zelazny responded to the regular question “What makes a great writer,” with “having written something.” Makes sense. I really considered being a game programmer / designer in the mid 90’s but went a different route based on what I heard of crunch. That love of games and desire never went away though, so I guess this will be my way to scratch that itch.

Why in the world I chose such a niche and wack project, I don’t know. Probably good I never went the professional route. If Time Pilot is any indication where my passion takes me, I wouldn’t sell crap and would be broke.

If there is any interest in Beta testing this thing, let me know in a PM. Schurem has been an amazing help, but could always use fresh perspective.

Cheers all.


Autumn sale going on for IL-2 right now. Battle of Stalingrad for $16.99. Also includes a sale on Rise of Flight items. @BrianRubin I see you have this listed as a want, good time to buy! ;)


I actually got them direct! Thanks for the heads up though!


So I have been putting work into trying to get IL-2 and DCS perform well in VR. When I read about other people’s settings and FPS in these games with the same GPU (1080), it’s always disappointing to know that my own experience doesn’t match theirs. I have tinkered with settings at all levels (game, video card, steamVR, windows mixed reality settings) to no avail. I just can’t get either game to run reliably well in VR with stuff going on (like real missions not just test flights) without hideous graphics.

I’m quite confident there isn’t something generally wrong with my system, as all other VR games I have tried run great, Elite: Dangerous runs great, and flat monitor games at 4k run as they should.

After thinking about it some more I think it’s all because of my CPU: a i7 4770. A 3.4 (3.9 boost) ghz 4 core CPU. It’s not even a K version so I can’t overclock it. When I read of other people getting better performance they all have more recent CPUs that’s at least 7000 series. These games must be extremely CPU dependent. Sad!


Nope. I run an ancient 4790K. Not even touching 4ghz if I want it stable.

What settings are you running? For DCS you want MSAA off and preload to a good size. How much RAM do you have? Is your Nvidea control panel trying to force some kind of anti-aliasing? turn that off. Set prerendered frames to two or three. Keep experimenting, its not your hardware.

I’ll elaborate on this a little. The trees visibility slider. Set it any lower and your forest start looking really fucking ugly. This is a compromise to my lowly 1070.
Preload radius is an important one, but I have 32gb of ram, so you may want to experiment with a lower value there. Visib. Range in the left column can and will fuck your framerate when set too high. It’s also highly CPU dependent. Try it at medium. Notice MSAA, SSAA and DoF are all off. Those things do not work well with VR.

Don’t expect 90 FPS. 45 should and ASW or reprojection should do it.

Remember fucking endlessly with EMM386 to get that last 2kb of low memory to get Falcon 3.0 to run? We may be wearing goggles and looking at photorealistic 4k textures, but that PC masterrace fuckery will never go away. Embrace it.


Pixel Density in the VR tab also has a big impact on performance. What do you have yours set to, schurem?


1.1 iirc. ran it at 1.2 for a while but i prefer smoothness to clarity tbh. I do use the intermediary label settings.


Thanks for posting your settings, I will keep trying with DCS. Remind me, are you running the VR performance mod or not?

One thing I just noticed is that the video card was still forcing FXAA on for DCS when I tried to get rid of that earlier, so that’s something.


I just tried copying your settings exactly (which were generally higher than what I had set), no steamVR supersampling, no FXAA in the nvidia settings, and I never hit 45 fps in the Viggen in fast mission. If I reduce the settings I get 45 fps maybe 1/3 of the time. Back when I tried the Hornet I never hit 45 fps even with lower settings.

I really think it must be your better CPU getting you over that critical threshold.


45 is a struggle in fast missions with my 1080ti and 7700k. :P

Those auto-missions generate hundreds of objects (on default settings), and that destroys the CPU.

Also, why are you using SteamVR? I thought you had Rift? DCS has native Oculus support.


Does it use SteamVR if you use DCS World through Steam? I guess Elite doesn’t do that if you fire it up through Oculus, so it should be the same.


I am pretty sure you can run DCS in native Oculus mode via Steam. But it’s been a while since I’ve tried, since I switched to ED’s launcher a while back.


You’re right that would exacerbate the CPU deficiency, but doing a campaign mission doesn’t give me playable fps either.

I’m using Windows mixed reality, other than the performance in these two games very happy with it.


This was probably advised earlier, but did you clear your cache data? I had performance issues when initially upgrading from 1.5 -> 2,5, and that fixed it for me.

Other than that I got nothing, sorry! :)


No I do not run the shaders mod. I found it to look butt-fucking ugly. I do run a mod in Il2 that removes the propellor disc because that would fuck up VR pretty badly.

try lowering visib. range in the left column of settings.

Troll through the settings for steamVR (WMR hmd’s must use that) and nvidia control panel to see where you can eke out more performance. You should easily hack 3 prerendered frames (there’s two headings for that) as in DCS split second control latency usually is not paramount. smoothness is.

Is your box running shit it shouldn’t? six antivirals that send every executable to their master servers? three pr0n-induced hidden bitcoin miners? a bittorrent client that is stuffing all of your busses and pipes with bits of new girl?