Recent air combat sim recommendations?


Made my first foray into the mission editor because I wanted a mission where I could focus on using the Phoenix from long range and also try mid-air refueling. After a few false starts (eventually changed it to land-based instead of carrier-based takeoff because I couldn’t get the catapult to work; probably requires some scripting I don’t know how to attach yet) I got into the air, got Jester to lock on with the STT radar and…the missiles won’t fire. Have my HUD set to A/A. Have the master arm switch on. Have the MSL PREP button on. Have the stick switch set to SP/PH. Nothing. No launch, no anything. Guess it’s time to watch a 20 minute(!) video on how to use the Phoenix, sigh.



The phoenix comes off after you depress the button for like 3 seconds. Big ol’ whoosh! and off it goes. They used to call it “the buffalo” and for a good reason.

The armament selctor switch goes sideways from SP(arrow) on the real thing. I mapped that as stickhat right on my stick.

Good luck and enjoy finding these things out. It what makes it fun! Phoenix can go very far but is not very maneouverable at the end, so vs a small and agile target it’s no better than AMRAAM. But for the big, lumbering targets it was intended for (Bear, Backfire and Kitchen) it’s perfect.



Oh man, I forgot about the three second thing. I did read that in the manual. Seems odd that there’s no sound or any other cue when you get that wonderful growl from the Sidewinder.



I think thumping off Phoenix’s is usually miss daisy’s job. He has a nice red button he can jam his left thumb into to make the freedom and democracy go whoosh.

It also makes sense as a safety. Do I really really wanna fire off this million dollar monster at that blip knowing it is going to home in on anything it finds at the end of its run? And that blip is not something you are going to get VID on.

But mostly its for technical reasons. This is mid 70s technology. Some data needs to be uploaded to the missile on launch and that shit used to take time. Sparrow oughta have a bit of a firing delay too for that reason.



Yeah, forgot about the telemetry. When I was searching up a reason for the 3-second delay, I found this article, where the pilot talks about how he and his RIO each tried to get the other to fire:

Funny stuff.



Man, I love this bird. This is it, the module that’s gonna get me to stick with DCS. It’s already got me messing around in the mission editor! Hell, I might even RIO it up in MP.



Too bad that it’s gonna take years for some cool content to pop up for it. I have been flying the A-10C a lot simply because there’s some awesome great DLC for it. Well written, with suprises and all voiced. It’s great.

At a certain point just getting to grips with your machine is “gamed out” so to say. You know how to do all the things, have blasted countless practice targets. Now its time to do something with the bird.

Thats where those DLC campaigns come in. They make a proper game out of the sim. Sadly they are also heavily scripted, which means that once you know what’s happening, that’s it. Very easily spoilt. They also take a lot of time to build.

Another way to game it up is one of the various “dynamic” mission generators. Those are fairly clunky, needing external apps between missions etc.

Anyway, re. the mission editor. Have you found the button where you set the weather etc? Early morning or early evening is the prettiest time for screenshots (as it is irl!) Put in some mist but at a long visibility distance (2500-3000m) for that extra pretty.



Good advice.



No joke that. Still plugging away though. Speaking of, do any of the following work at all? I wish I was a better logo designer…

Edit: Back to the drawing board.



I like both of the ones on the left.



I’ve come across something odd. I edited (as a new save) the stock carrier takeoff training mission. I thought this one was a bit of a pain because of the annoying taxi to the back of the ship to swing around and hookup with the catapult. However, on loading it up, I can clearly see that you are supposed to start at the back of the ship, right near the rear cats:

However, when you start, you’re just as clearly up at the front, at a different parking position:

Any insight? Just a bug?

Unrelated, I clearly need to redo the takeoff tutorial, because although I juuuuust managed to takeoff without putting her in the drink, I must have forgotten something to take the wings out of oversweep (I did select “auto” before taking off), because they refused to deploy the entire flight (nor could I get the flaps down for takeoff).



@kolbex It’s the way DCS handles spawns. You are using the parking spot, cold takeoff position. It just assigns slots to that. The ship has four of those, and airfields often more. AFAIK you don’t get to choose. It is what is is and it aint what it aint.

@Anklebiter I prefer the top right (blue) one. I loathe the swastika. But if I get to drop napalm firebombs on a swastika made out of juggalo zombies it’d be fine.



Hmmm. Good point on the swastikas. Now I’m worried that people will be offended. Not sure the bullet holes and the F5 gun sight over them are obvious enough. Removing the pic just to be safe…



This is my hog. There are many like it but this one is mine.

Without me, my hog is nothing. Without my hog, I am nothing.

I will take care of my hog, and my hog will take care of me.



Schurem, I’ve subscribed to your channel man. Your contributions to this thread and the weekend thread here What will you play in the weekend? are top notch - not to mention other threads here and all across the intarwebs.

I nominate you for QT3 poster of the year based on your content, optimism and overall contribution to the culture of this forum. @tomchick please make it so :)

When will DCS get its own thread on this forum?



I started one in 2012, but it didn’t take.



Is it too late to edit that wall of text of your first post, including some pictures? I’ll support it.

If not, let’s create a new one and show this forum what this sim can do!

Thread name by committee:

  • Micropose shits the bed. Eagle dynamics cleans up the mess.
  • I dreamed last night that I was flying - DCS world
  • DCS is the only acronym that you will need to know in this thread.
  • DCS Sublime - get it on i-tunes.
  • The best video game ever made. :)

edit: I vote for number 2. I have been blessed occasionally with lucid dreaming. This has always resulted in sex and flying.



There’s a reason DCS’ own thread sank back in '12. There’s also a reason it never regained its own thread for long.

One is tradition. This thing is over ten years old. It started when the world was middle-aged, microprose and janes’ had died not that long ago and combat flight simulation was a wretched dying thing lost in the throes of its own orthodoxy.

From that desert of minutely counted rivets came the power and the glory that are todays’ DCS and Il2 BoX. Now there’s VR and AI backseaters playing period synth-pop and tomcats and viggens and hornets and hogs and oh my!

But the old hands here still bear the memories of those halcyon days when the world was young and they flew dynamic campaigns experiencing awesome there-I-was gameplay in their Microprose sims of yore. They still resent the russian devs for choosing realism over gameplay and surviving the coming of the 1st person shooter that way.

And so the joystick has gone from an ubiquitous gaming peripheral and every gamer worth his salt knew what a split-S and an immelman were (don’t you @tomchick) to the mark of the nerd of nerds.

And that’s why this thread is now DCS and Il2 BoX’ own thread on this forum. And Wings over Flanders Fields’ and Battle of Brittain 2.0’s. Because they still exist but aren’t exciting enough for enough people to keep them up in the battle royale.



Wings Over Flanders Fields appealed to me very much, and I finally gave it a go a while back when the Ultimate Edition went on sale for a price that didn’t seem ludicrous for a game based on Combat Flight Simulator 3. After playing Rise of Flight, though, the planes in WOFF were just too well-behaved. No perilous landings, every turn smooth as butter…they just didn’t act like those rickety old crates should act, and it kind of killed it for me.



Too much navel gazing in DCS and latter-day Il-2 for me. I personally don’t want to struggle to taxi because some pretend pilot thinks it should be super hard to do, or spend countless hours trying to tweak 6 axis curves to try to get an aircraft to fly straight.

I want to kick the tires and light the fires. Strike Fighters 2 was close to the perfect level of switchology for me. Unfortunately, all we have these days are these Russian switch simulators or things like War Thunder.

And I would argue that the Eastern Bloc’s focus on realism is not what kept study sims alive while their survey brethren bit the dust. One has to kinda sorta take into account that the Eastern Bloc works hella cheap. Cheap is the real reason sims survived in the East.