Recent air combat sim recommendations?

That’s my dream sim you guys are describing right there.

Pretty much. Storytelling AI or modern sim stuff

Dear God why not both???


Aargh. Forgot that little detail… going to be super clunky going back to that. Think i have lost my little hat clip thingy

DCS summer sale is up, although annoyingly the MiG-19 is not included, which I had hoped to pick up…

All of the campaign DLCs are, as is the Persian gulf map. Y’all need to get you those.

Enemy within for the hog, miseum relic for the mig-15 or F-86. Those are imo the highlights.

If I’m going to jump on the IL-2 bandwagon, which flavor do I want? Stalingrad or Moscow? Is one better than the other or are both worth buying?

I’d check out Kuban. That one comes with P-39, 190 and later model IL-2 in standard package.

Deluxe comes with Spitfire and you can get P-40.

I understand the newer maps and campaigns are of the best, and being able to fly the western planes in campaign is nice.

Between BOS and BOM I don’t think it matters much. Check out which planes you think you’d like to fly and go with that one.

Pretty cheap for all three with the sale. Just saying. They did a fantastic job with this and it’s a worthwhile investment across the board IMO

Edit: For western WW2 stuff the upcoming Battle of Bodenplate is really the one to get. Early access unfortunately and not included in the sale. That one is Western Europe and has tons of classics. Spitfire, P-51, Tempest, ME-292, 109 and 190 late versions. Really looking forward to it.

Kuban does have the Sea Dragons campaign built in, whereas if you want a traditional scripted campaign with the first two you have to pay extra. Also the Airacobra is so neat, wish I had that one (but I’m waiting for it to hit $17 like the others have, first).

Kuban also lists player controlled tanks. Is that across the board, or just for Kuban? VR support? Is it any good?

It does have VR, but you’d have to ask @schurem if it’s any good. No clue on the tanks thing, not really my area of interest for this particular sim. Can’t see how it would be anything but tacked on, but I’m willing to be surprised…

OK, listed tanks for all, but looks like a multiplayer only thing. I know VR is fantastic for all the flying, but don’t know about tanks.

It would be fun to man a tank machine gun and try to take out a player controlled plane. One way to find out about VR… Im’a gonna try it.

Good man. Take one for the team. I reckon if the tank VR in il-2 BoX is as good as it is in the planes, it is fucking excellent.

Afaik one or two tanks are playable even if you don’t own TC. Not sure, haven’t taken the time to find out.

I intend to buy Tank Crew some time but its fairly low on a long list of things I need/want. My work shoes’ soles are coming loose :/

Hmm. Somehow. with latest sale, I have all three modules for IL2 (I ain’t paying 60 bucks for Jane’s WW2 Fighters 2019… yet).

Things have been a little sedate in my WOFF campaign (currently at Jan 1916), so hoping into BoM was like Robotron 1941.

February 14 1915

Incongruous day today! First hop was a jaunt to the front to drop some hate on the poor old Hun. Made it a few miles from the field when, as fate would have it, I began to lose revs, and I had to scarper back with my tail between my legs. I know the poor devils in the workshop are at their hardest keeping our buses running, but I can’t help but ponder if a quick jaunt in a faulty aircraft might improve their efficiency a bit! Rather unworthy of me to think so but one never knows.
Thought I finished for the day, and would have began this missive sooner but “the powers that be” decided it was my lot to go up again later in the day. This time is was another one of those beastly assignments that have one drilling holes in the air over the front, on the watch for “the movement of men and vehicles”. At least with arty spotting one gets a jolly thrill as the guns let loose on the observer’s command. Still, one does his duty and I was up again, hoping that the new bus would prove better than the last one!
I had no idea that today would be a day of days – I’ve marked one month and a fortnight with the lads, and during that time the only Hun flyer I’ve seen was on the ground, during airbase raids. But today, roughly fifteen minutes into my Purgatory over the trenches, what did I spy but a Good Old Hun! Intrigued despite myself, I approached to verify the sighting, and, sure enough, the he was above me, performing the Boche version of what I was doing at the moment, no doubt. Curiosity satisfied, I bent my machine in another direction and watched my erstwhile opposite disappear into the distance.
I barely gave the Hun another thought as I meandered throughout the sky, giving The Great Observer all the viewing he could wish for. Turning my bus for home after the assigned period, who should appear again but the aforementioned Hun! I must admit that I’d been slowly climbing for some time, in the hopes of meeting up with him again; but now, there he was, and not a mile away!
I must admit now, dear Sister, that at this point I was overcome by a very Wicked Notion; that of engaging the Hun in mortal combat. It is true what they say that we airmen are alike, no matter what our Allegiances, but as you know, I have never been one to back down from Duty, and – although it shames me to admit it – the thought of putting on a show for our lads in the trenches below gave me thrill.
Thus that I was I threw all previous decorum aside, and sped off (if anything in the Parasol could be called “speedy”) toward the Hun. Engaged as he was in spotting for his own side, it wasn’t long before I’d pulled alongside of him. We spent long moments admiring each other’s machines (well, I at least admired the clean lines of his Avatik double-decker; what he saw in my own machine is, of course, not included in this Account), before I indicated to The Great Observer that I wished to bring our opposite number down.
Now, I’d like to think that T.G.O.'s hesitation was the result of a natural hesitancy to perform such a ungentlemanly action, rather than case of LMF. (Come to think of it, after much reflection, I now believe the lengthy delay was more the result of the T.G.O’s unfamiliarity with his weapon, rather than emotional causes), but it took several minutes of shouted exhortation before my passenger understood my dastardly intent and gave the good old Hun the gun.
Dear Sister, I would of course never offend your tender ears with a post mortem description of the affair that followed, but – promising you will never repeat this to Mother – I must tell you that T.G.O. referred to it later as something comparable to two aged pensioners engaged in, shall we say, activities wholly inappropriate to those in advanced aged. I trust you can use that wicked suffragette’s imagination of yours to postulate my meaning!
In any event, the Parasol certainly is a desultory waltzer, and my opposite in the Avatik no better. However, after many long minutes – and many imprecations from my furiously-firing backseater – I am proud to say that the Hun was last seen fleeing East toward his own lines, tail between his legs… and, more importantly, smoking heavily from the engine. Upon this, my no-doubt bemused wingman and I headed back to our Aerodrome, where the T.G.O. and myself astonished an appreciative audience with tales of audacity and fighting spirit. I will say that the story has grown somewhat in the telling, no doubt helped along by a few rounds of the vin ordinaire so favored by the locals.
As I write this later, however, my thoughts turn toward the Hun. What I rotter I feel like now, having spoiled (for both of us) a grand day in the air unmarked by the barbaric violence in the trenches! I can suffer the justification of Doing One’s Duty, but, after all, neither one of us was involved with each other in any way. I am aware the day is coming when the blood will spill from the skies, and that the lassez faire (as the froggies call it) cannot last, but I somehow feel disheartened that I have been some Cog in the Infernal Machine bringing that day about. I hope that I didn’t give the Hun too big of a jolt, and that he was able to bring his bus down safely.
Anyway, Dear Sister, that is all the time I have to write for today! Give all of my love to Father and Mother, and please, get me those wool sweaters right away! Flying in Winter is absolutely beastly beyond imagining!
All love,
2nd Lt. Lewis Roald Warsham

I absolutely love this.

Did you write it, or an excerpt from one of the book recommends?

Thank you, it’s mine. After 28 missions of No Joy, my first sighting of Jerry inspired me. Naturally, it is only March 14, 1915 for Leftenant Warsham, so the real shooting begins much latter. I generally fly lots of MSFS-excitement-level missions with only the occasional engine failure or close-by Archie burst for excitement.

Another recommendation:

Bravo good Sir, jolly good show!

Paging DCS Hornet drivers!

Featuring direct, native integration in Digital Combat Simulator* via the F/A-18C module

Worth buying to avoid setting up the binds! ;)