Recent air combat sim recommendations?

oh shit, that aint nice. not nice at all.

on the other hand, they are working on a 3rd release of blackshark.

Are they going to charge for this one, too?

No, I’m definitely not bitter.

Yes they are, and I find it strange to hear how they treated you. I would have sworn they had a more lenient policy on that. But I guess I was wrong.

Anyway, it’s not like madden 2006 differs greatly from the 2008 edition and people pay full price for that, don’t they? coder’s gotta buy bread, borschsht and vodka too.

(edit) I just did some research. Turns out they sold a BS1 to BS2 upgrade for a while, and you could get support to change that key to a regular BS2 key. My bad then, I put wrong ideas in your head.

Oh, it’s not your fault. Actually if the price ever comes down to, say, $10, I probably will buy it again, because it’s a pretty unique aircraft. Also I miss the computer calmly telling me, in Russian, that I’m about to die.

Shoot me an email adress via PM, I have a favor to pay forward ;-)

I’m pretty sure that 2LT Lewis, my WOFF pilot @ ~40 hours flying time, is getting close to the time period when the Good Old Hun rolls out their Eindeckers.

Then we’re really gonna make the buggers’ eyes water.

Reinstalled Strike Fighters 2 last night with a bunch of mods.

I wish TK was still working on pc games. I enjoyed playing around with Strike Fighters and some of the nato mods. I remember flying a campaign as a tornado driver at some point. Hard not to love a game that let me fly the A-7 Corsair, the Tornado, and other Cold War toys.

Nato fighters was so great. TK is selling a 100$ all-in pack of SF2 now, but it’s not even patched to work properly with windows10.

If he were to bring it back using unity (VR!) I would be all over it. Man.

I also enjoyed playing Wings overStrike Fighters Vietnam and some mods for that. I think at one point I owned all of his titles, including the WWI one. It is a shame they weren’t updated for modern operating systems.

SF2 and its ilk work fine in Windows 10.

But it’s still a tough pill to swallow that TK created this “bundle deal” but didn’t even bother touching the code at all. I mean, even fixing something like broken AI external ECM stuff (which worked prior to the last patch).

Well, they will charge for the new systems they’re adding. But at least the graphical upgrade is free!

Yes. It’s beautiful. As hackneyed as it may be this is my favourite fighter of all time. Yes, I know she looks a little gormless with that smile of hers, but she’s a beauty in how she handles and all she can do. A tidy little piece of engineering genius with an almost unmatched versatility.

When this module comes out I will take some leave.

Looks good, but it’s no 14…

Still waiting on the Tornado GR.1 and Central Europe terrain.

Yeah. ‘14 is mean looking and those AIM-54’s were born in the heat of that backfire laden cold war we know and love.

But the F-16 was a break from tradition, a new look at what a fighter could be. She broke the mould back then. Fly by wire, force sensitive stick, best in class at air to air and pretty handy at air to ground. For durability she will be up there with the mig-21, in service in multiple nations for many decades.

As the cliche goes, there is no accounting for taste.

Oh god yes please.

@schurem are the mods in dcs any good? I’ve been looking through some of the Growling Sidewinder’s videos on youtube and there are a number of them that contain mod planes.

I hear MicroPose is back.

Anyone know much about the Advanced F-15 (or F-15EX)? I just stumbled across that online. Apparently the Air Force is buying some, so maybe the F-15C will get an upgrade in DCS.