Recent air combat sim recommendations?

JFA is nothing close to “real”, and back then most of us didn’t give a damn, because it was just so fun.

So many neat screen gadgets and gimgaws never duplicated again. Want to see your flight envelope while you’re flying? No problem. Want to see an inverse-tactical-view of the missile that the nearest hostile just fired? Sure, put that in a little window, too. Oh, and want to fly the X-23 against the Vietnamese? Yeah, we can do that.

I have that big black box in the closet, and when I go to sleep at night I have to shut my ears against all the sexy nostalgic things it whispers

It was a little bit of Advanced Tactical Fighters for me, but mainly Longbow 2 and 688(i).

purple cockpits :)

In the “Not sure who asked for this” department, TK has migrated his Unity-based smartphone sim Strike Fighters Legends over to Windows 10. (

SFL is a nice little time-waster on a phone, but I imagine playing it on a PC would be like watching paint dry. Plus, $25. Seriously.

Well, I know who didn’t.

It’s still fun! Sure, I got my ass handed to me several times, but my god is it still a joy to play. Might be the easiest of the Jane’s sims to install too. It gave me no issues during installation, ran fine in a window, and only crashed once in four hours.

God, I’d love to see the Paul Grace Jane’s sims redone with a modern 3D engine. Imagine.

As for TK, I just wish he’d fix Strike Fighters (the real one) to work properly on Win 10. Even in compatibility mode it’s glitchy.

Crimson Skies in some flash-and-chrome modern engine is one of my dream games.

Built my VR simpit with my T16000M, a cheap chair, pole mounts, and some industrial strength velcro. Works great! A big improvement over sitting in a chair trying to balance the HOTAS on a lap desk.

Used this video for the parts:

I used the single-joint mounts, though, so my version sits nicely flush with the arms. The joystick and throttle hang quite a bit further off the mount bases, so I was worried they would just tip forward. But, even though they are secured by velcro only on the back half, they are really stable.

Can’t wait to go flying.

That looks great mate!

I’m currently planning on grabbing monster tech mounts next year. I wish they were based in the us or had a distribution point here. A $50 shipping fee bites.

Nice! Yeah, I have the Monster Tech mounts on my desk, and it definitely beats having them sitting forward on the top of the desk. I imagine your solution was way less expensive.

That looks amazing!

Have a look at Foxx Mount for a US based solution. I don’t have them but Reddit seems to like them and you can get a set for $175 that includes shipping.

Cool, I will have to look into that.

I am awaiting delivery of my PointCTRL devices. They are costly and very much first generation, but are said to be a true panache for dealing with clickable cockpits in VR.

It works a bit like a trackIR, but for your hands. It’s like a ring you wear on your index finger with some buttons on it. You put a little cam on your headset that looks at the leds on the finger units. That way it can control a mouse pointer with sufficient precision to drive a fighter jet.

The guy is building them one by one in his garage, using 3D printed bits and sending them off by post. There’s a waiting list longer than the list of mistakes I’ve made.

When I take delivery of them I’ll do a write-up.

Those look super handy @schurem. Looking forward to your review.

In anticipation of the viper and its wild weasel role I built a little ditty to get acquainted with the job. I had been neglecting ground based air defences badly in my training.

@scharmers, time to put your money where your mouth is!

Wow. I’m conflicted. I never preorder anything. I don’t mind early access but preorder is where I’ve drawn the line.

This is like preorder with a helping of guilt if you don’t do it. Pressure pressure.

Think I’m going to stay strong. Sorry Third Wire.